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RSMembership! Product Page

RSMembership!'s plugins list is now one entry richer: the iDEAL plugin now allows our customers from the Netherlands to manage their payments through the well-known payment processor.

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RSEvents!Pro Logo

A new version of RSEvents!Pro just got released! Learn more about the new Disqus integration and the possibility to set up your own Facebook Application ID by clicking on Read more.

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RSSocial! Logo

RSSocial!'s first ever update brings in two new features - Email and Recommend to a Friend, click on Read More to find out what they do.

12 Sep 2014 0 comments in RSSocial!
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RSBlog! Logo

The latest version of RSBlog! improves on both the extension's frontend look and its functionality. Read the full blogpost for more information on this release.

09 Sep 2014 0 comments in RSBlog!
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RSLens! Logo

RSLens! broadens the RSJoomla! template line-up bringing its own, unique style based a deep contrast. It is best suited for photographers who want to showcase their work in a neutral environment that lets the pieces speak for themselves. The clean design and bold typography offer the perfect outlet for artists to express the emotions that best describe the work they are presenting.

04 Sep 2014 0 comments in Templates
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