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03 Sep 2015

Customize the RSFiles! email download form with RSForm!Pro

Tagged with joomla extensions , forms , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , files , email , custom scripting , override , download

By default RSFiles! can send file download links via email (users fill out a form and upon submit an email is sent). But, what if you want to change the email download form with a custom one? Well, through RSForm!Pro, though no particular integration, this would be possible.

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28 Aug 2015

RSDirectory! - Setting up advanced search filters using the Filtering module

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , joomla directory , joomla ads

Any well-built directory needs to have strong filtering capabilities, especially the ones which contain large numbers of entries, in multiple categories. RSDirectory! includes a frontend module and advanced field configuration options to meet this need.

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26 Aug 2015

RSEvents!Pro - improved PDF options

Tagged with joomla events , joomla PDF tickets
RSEvents!Pro PDF plugin improvements

A critical feature for any event management component is the possibility to offer users that subscribe to an event a printable ticket that can be used at the event venue. The Ticket PDF plugin is our solution for this. In combination with the Barcode feature this provides a powerful, yet easy to use solution for monitoring attendance to your events.

We have just released an update for the current Ticket PDF plugin that will help you better control the generated PDF file.

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21 Aug 2015

Keep your subscribers engaged with the RSMembership! - RSMail! Integration

Tagged with joomla extensions , newsletter , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , membership , mail , followups

Ever wanted to send notifications / emails to your subscribers after a certain period since they subscribed to your memberships? You're in luck as an integration between RSMembership! and RSMail! is available, allowing you to follow-up on your interested audience.

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18 Aug 2015

From Single Site License to Multi-site upgrade options

Tagged with joomla extensions , license , single site , multisite

...so you were not sure about our extensions, or you weren't expecting to find use for them on other websites and you bought the Single Site subscription. Not to worry, we have recently added the possibility to upgrade your subscription with ease from Single Site to Multi-site for 6 months or 1 year just by paying the difference.

Upgrade from Single Site to Multi-site subscriptions
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