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We are happy to announce that the RSForm!Pro functionality has been improved and now questions like: How can I send SMS notifications? or How can I integrate Google Analytics in the form? finally have an answer.

30 Mar 2016 0 comments in RSForm!Pro
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RSJuno! - Joomla! responsive template

Within the last few days, RSJuno! has undergone some changes through 2 new revisions, v1.0.6 and v1.0.7.


RSJuno! v1.0.6 includes Google Analytics support and some bug fixes:

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The new RSSeo! revision comes with two important integrations: Google Analytics tracking and reports. Joomla! seo extension

1. Google Analytics tracking

If you're enabling the tracking feature, RSSeo! will automatically include the Google Analytics tracking code into your site source.
Just add the login details, along with the web property ID and RSSeo! will do the rest.

RSSeo! - enable google analytics tracking

18 Apr 2011 0 comments in RSSeo!
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RSForm!Pro has a new plugin for Joomla! that it's easy to implement and will help you track forms in your Google Analytics (GA) reports.

In order to view how many visitors accessed a form in Google Analytics and how many of them has actually completed the data and submitted the form, you have to place some additional tracking code to your website pages and configure goals. Usually goals are used on key pages to analyze the actions of a visitor in a set of related pages, such as shopping cart or order form.In our case the goal would be the steps that makes a visitor to reach the "Thank you" page of the form.

26 Jun 2009 0 comments in RSForm!Pro
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