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We are happy to announce that the RSForm!Pro functionality has been improved and now questions like: How can I send SMS notifications? or How can I integrate Google Analytics in the form? finally have an answer.

In addition to this, you can now include a digital signature field in your form or use a different email sending configuration than the one from the Global Configuration.

On with the details!
RSForm!Pro SMS Plugin
RSForm!Pro SMS Plugin

The RSForm!Pro SMS Plugin will allow you to send sms notifications to both the user and the admin when the form is submitted. This plugin includes the following SMS Gateway Providers: Clockwork, Twilio, Sms Global, Clickatell and Nexmo.

Documentation RSForm!Pro Google Tracker plugin
RSForm!Pro Google Tracker plugin

The RSForm!Pro Google Analytics plugin which represents our first integration between RSForm!Pro and Google Analytics allows you to include the tracking code provided by Google within your form layout and Thank you message. We wanted to improve this functionality and this is how the RSForm!Pro Google Tracker plugin was born. This plugin includes the following improvements: tracking form events, custom tracking messages, referrer and form page form fields.

Documentation RSForm!Pro Signature Plugin
RSForm!Pro Signature Plugin

In order for a document to become official, all you have to do is to sign it. The same principle can be applied when we think about form submissions. This is the reason why we created the RSForm!Pro Signature Plugin. This plugin will enable you to add an e-signature field to your form and allow your users to sign their submission before sending the form. The user signature will be transformed in an image which can be included within the Thank you message, User/Admin emails or even within the PDF attachment.

Documentation RSForm!Pro Mailer plugin
RSForm!Pro Mailer plugin

The RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin allows RSForm!Pro to send emails using a different mailer settings than the one from the Global Configuration. Also, this plugin will help you prevent spoofing by adding a digital signature to outgoing message headers using the DKIM standard.

Note: The above-mentioned plugins needs to be purchased separately from your RSJoomla! Account by heading to My Memberships & License codes > RSForm!Pro and clicking on the “buy plugins” button. Also note that your account needs to hold an active RSForm!Pro subscription.
Note: Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

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