Meet our Team
  • Alexandru Lamba

    Alexandru Lamba

    General Manager

  • Octavian Cînciu

    Octavian Cînciu


  • Andrei Cristea

    Andrei Cristea

    Senior Support Technician

  • Bogdan Nicolae

    Bogdan Nicolae

    Web Developer

  • Emil Babic

    Emil Babic

    Web Developer

  • Ionut Avram

    Ionut Avram

    Web Developer

  • Ciprian Rosu

    Ciprian Rosu

    Web Developer

  • Adrian Paciu

    Adrian Paciu

    Support Technician

  • Bogdan Tataru

    Bogdan Tataru

    Support Technician

  • Madalina Mircica

    Madalina Mircica

    Support Technician

  • Dragos Ciugulitu

    Dragos Ciugulitu

    Support Technician

  • Mihai Ghelmegeanu

    Mihai Ghelmegeanu

    Web Designer

  • Catalin Teodorescu

    Catalin Teodorescu

    SEO Specialist


It all started when our team leader, Alexandru Lamba, developed the first Joomla! component: RSForm! Because it had a massive impact on the Joomla! CMS, the Really Simple Joomla! company was born, providing clients worldwide with responsive templates and performance enhancing extensions designed and developed exclusively for Joomla!. We are focused on understanding our client's needs whether it's a company, a web developer or a non-tech individual and we are known for our high quality Joomla! Extensions and Templates.

We are a team of crazy passionate people. WHAT WE BELIEVE AND WHERE WE’RE GOING

Our mission is to provide Joomla! users with extensions and templates that are easy to install, maintain, and update. Today, we have 36 products that are extensively used by the Joomla! community. We believe in open source and aim to revolutionize software performance through constant improvement because “good enough” is not in our vocabulary. Also, we want to give back to the software development world through greater flexibility uniting design, user experience and customization options.

Sharing our knowledge and skills through Joomla! quick start guides, tutorials and documentation, we would like to give a shout out to our no. 1 contributors: clients that supply us with valuable feedback and ideas, thank you!

Address RSJoomla!

Fagetului Street, No. 144, ST2
Constanta, Romania

Joomla! Events that we have attended and sponsored
Joomla! Day POLAND - 24-25 September 2016 Joomla! Day POLAND - 24-25 September 2016

This year, RSJoomla! is happy to sponsor JoomlaDay Poland. The event will take place on 24-25 September in the beautiful city of Gliwice. We bet that this is going to be a great event with many Joomla! enthusiasts gathering to learn and share their experience with this beloved CMS!

Joomla! Day UK - 13th February 2016 Joomla! Day UK - 13th February 2016

We’re sponsoring the Joomla! Day UK that takes place on the 13th of February 2016 in London and we’re very excited about it. JoomlaDay UK is the second oldest Joomla community event - with the first event taking place in Leeds in 2006. See you all there Joomla! Fans!

Joomla! Day Brisbane, Australia - October 2015 Joomla! Day Brisbane, Australia - October 2015

We sponsor this aussie event on 10-11 October, 2015 in Brisbane presenting the RSForm!Pro - eWAY payment option and allowing all the participants to get our products for 50% of the normal price to show our support for the Joomla! community.

Joomla! Day Brazil - September 2015 Joomla! Day Brazil - September 2015

On 4-5 September we will be sponsoring Joomla! Day Brazil 2015 by offering insight into the RSForm!Pro - PagSeguro option and 50% discounts on all our products.

The Joomla! Day Boston - March 2014 The Joomla! Day Malaysia - August 2015

RSJoomla! is supporting JoomlaDay Malaysia by offering free licenses to Joomla! enthusiasts from all over Malaysia on RSForm!Pro, RSFirewall! and RSMediaGallery!

The Joomla! Day Boston - March 2014 The Joomla! Day Boston - March 2014

RSJoomla! sponsored Joomla! Day Boston that took place on 15th and 16th March 2014 by offering free licences to all interested parties.

The Joomla! Day Hungary - October 2013 The Joomla! Day Hungary - October 2013

Sponsored Joomla! Day Hungary that took place on the 12th of October 2013 to show our support for the ever-growing Joomla! community.

The Joomla! Day Melbourne - 2013 The Joomla! Day Melbourne - 2013

Sponsored Joomla! Day Melbourne in March 2013 and offered insight on how to create website functionality by creatively using extensions.

Joomla! Day Italy - October 2011 Joomla! Day Italy - October 2011

In October 2011 we attended the biggest Joomla! event we have ever seen! More than 1,000 Joomla! fans were there.

J! and Beyond - June 2010 J! and Beyond - June 2010

A massive density of Joomla! enthusiasts gathered, at the J! and Beyond 2010, to share ideas and knowledge. It was great to meet people and associate a real face to a photo or avatar.

Joomla! Day Netherlands - April 2010 Joomla! Day Netherlands - April 2010

Alexandru Plapana, the head-support of RSJoomla! held a presentation about Joomla! security: common hacker attack points and tools, component security, backup and protection solutions.

Joomla! Bible - July 2009 We were mentioned in the
Joomla! Bible - July 2009

We were honored that our Joomla! form builder, RSForm!Pro is part of the Top 50 extensions, a list that was a starting point for addressing common needs.

The Joomla! Day Sweden The Joomla! Day Sweden - 2009

We presented RSForm!Pro and we talked about Joomla! Security and how we were planning to help out Joomla! users secure their website with our Joomla! security extension (RSFirewall!)

Joomla! Day Melbourne The Joomla! Day Melbourne - 2009

We have given a number free licenses for RSForm!Pro for the event participants; to enable startups, small, medium businesses and corporations eliminate outsourcing.

RSJoomla! Goes GREEN We Went GREEN

All documents are kept in digital format because RSJoomla! is a supporter of environmentally friendly activity and development.