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RSJoomla! - About Us

Our Team
  • Alexandru LambaManager

  • Octavian CînciuCEO

  • Alexandru PlapanaCCO

  • Bogdan NicolaeDeveloper

  • Emil BabicDeveloper

  • Ionut AvramDeveloper

  • Ciprian RosuDeveloper

  • Silviu PanaitSupport

  • Andrei CristeaSupport

  • Adrian PaciuSupport

  • Cosmin CristeaSupport

  • Mihai GhelmegeanuDesign

Joomla! Events that we have attended and sponsored
The Joomla! Day Boston - March 2014

RSJoomla! will be sponsoring Joomla! Day Boston which will take place on the 15th and 16th of March. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend this event but, as usual, we will be supporting it by offering free licenses.

The Joomla! Day Hungary - October 2013

In absence, we have sponsored Joomla! Day Hungary - 12th of October 2013 - to show our support for the ever-growing Joomla! community.

The Joomla! Day Melbourne - 2013

Although we were not able to attend, we sponsored Joomla! Day Melbourne in March 2013.

Joomla! Day Italy - October 2011

In October we have attended the biggest Joomla! event we've ever seen, in Italy. More than 1000 Joomla! enthusiasts were there.

J! and Beyond - June 2010

As we've expected, the J! and Beyond 2010 event was fantastic: a massive density of Joomla! geeks gathered to share ideas and knowledge acquired within years of development. It has been a nice experience to meet the people behind the screens and associate a real face to a photo or avatar from twitter, Facebook or the Joomla! forums.

Joomla! Day Netherlands - April 2010

Alexandru Plapana, the head-support of RSJoomla! held a presentation about the Joomla! security.

We discussed the most common attack points, security in Joomla! components, what can you do to protect yourself, backing up and some of the tools that hackers use...

We were mentioned in the
Joomla! Bible - July 2009

We were honored that our Joomla! form builder, RSForm!Pro is part of the Top 50 extensions , a list that wants to be a starting point for addressing common needs.

The Joomla! Day Sweden - 2009

We presented RSForm!Pro and we talked about Joomla! Security and how we were planning to help out Joomla! users secure their website with our Joomla! security extension (RSFirewall!)

The Joomla! Day Melbourne - 2009

Our team couldn't be at the event but we have given a number free licenses for RSForm!Pro for the event participants.

The Company

RSJoomla! started back in 2007 when Alex developed the first Joomla! component, RSForm!. Since it had a massive impact on the new born CMS, evolving it into a company was a matter of a few months. Dealing with client requests, development and website maintenance became quickly impossible to handle by one person, so, slowly new team members joined in.

At the moment, our team counts 13 members (1 CEO, 5 involved in the development process, 5 helping out clients, 1 web designer and 1 public relations & marketing specialist). We are releasing new products and updates for the existing ones and work on new ideas that we're sure will make your Joomla! experience better and better.


Fagetului Street, No. 144, ST2
Constanta, Romania

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