RSMail! - Joomla!® Newsletter and Email extension v1.21.13

RSMail! is the ideal extension for sending customized e-mail campaigns. You can organize subscribers into lists, with a unlimited number of columns that you can use when sending the e-mails.

Subscribers can be imported from CSV files via a easy to use interface. Email templates, spam tests, bounce handling, statistics and link tracking are just some of the built in features of RSMail!.

You can also start the send session and pause it at any time. The sending session uses the Ajax technology that enables you to send e-mails to unlimited numbers of subscribers.


RSMail! - Joomla!® Newsletter and Email extension

Works with: Joomla! 3

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Even if your subscription expires, you will still be able to use the component, the component's functionality is not affected by your subscription's status.

The only restrictions applied are the fact that you are no longer eligible to extension related downloads( updates, plugins, modules, component downloads) and you will no longer receive customer support for your registered domain(s).


Yes. You can upgrade your subscription from Single Site to Multi-site just by paying the difference. This upgrade is available for subscriptions of the same type, meaning you can only upgrade your 12 months single site subscription to a 12 months multi-site one. When upgrading, the subscription period will not be extended, you will benefit from the advantages of the multi site subscription for the remainder of your current subscription.


Yes. The component can be installed on any domains you want, but support will be provided for 1 domain of your choice. The domain can be changed up to a maximum of 3 times. Don't forget, once the domain is changed, you will get new licence code.


All our extensions are listed under the GNU/GPL license, thus once you purchase and download an extension you will have full access to the source code. You are free to edit or modify this according to your needs, but don't forget that all source code changes are lost when an update is performed.


Yes! A 30% discount when renewing expired subscriptions (this discount is applied automatically).

Discounts are not cumulative. You can't have more than one discount for a subscription.

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RSMail! Features

Scheduled email sending sessions

RSMail! offers the tools to scale down the maintenance time that is required for your Joomla! site. You can create email campaigns in advance and schedule them to be sent at a specified date. This is also useful when your hosting provider imposes a limit on the number of emails per hour - you can set RSMail! to deliver the content in predefined batches over a specified period of time.

RSMail! schedules email sending sessions

Supports DKIM

DKIM is an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain is authorized by that domain's administrators. Overall this implies increased deliverability.

RSMail! Supports DKIM

Email campaign reports and link tracking

It's all about efficiency. It is very important to know how your newsletter did. How many people actually opened the email, bounce rate or how many unsubscribe actions were performed. Having a clear picture of previous campaigns can help you make improvements and increase the conversion rate. RSMail! even allows you to see who clicked on what link from your email via the link tracking options.

RSMail! helps you create email campaign reports and link tracking

Create email message from Joomla! and third party content

Creating a newsletter does not need to be a labor intensive process. Already have a Joomla! article or K2 item that you wish to transform it into a newsletter ? This can be done with just a few clicks.

RSMail! helps you create email message from Joomla! and third party content

Flexible CSV importer

The CSV file is rather common format for exporting data. RSMail! will detect your CSV format and will allow you to specify what information goes where, and what to ignore. No special, mindtwisting configuration required.

RSMail! import data from CSV

Custom newsletter sign-up forms via RSform!Pro integration

Though RSMail! comes with a built-in and easy to use newsletter subscribing form, sometimes this is simply not enough. If you own a RSform!Pro license you can benefit from the RSform!Pro flexibility and register your submitters to specific mailing lists.

Create custom newsletter with RSMail! and RSForm!Pro

Integration with the default Joomla! user registration

With RSMail!, you can present the option to subscribe to a newsletter right on the Joomla! standard user registration form. A Joomla! System plugin will place an acceptance checkbox and send out a confirmation email if required.

RSMail! integrates with the default Joomla! user registration

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Plugins and Modules

Create your own custom newsletter subscription forms for RSMail!

Why have your visitors submit a lot of forms to accomplish various tasks ? Using the RSform!Pro - RSMail! plugin you can have the normal submission process and silently pass data to RSMail! to be used on your newsletters.

Standard subscription form

By default, RSMail! incorporates a standard newsletter subscription form that can be placed in a module position, using the RSMail Newsletter module. This module can be used to subscribe to multiple newsletter lists and will automatically display its columns as simple text fields.


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Available Language Packs:

We only release our extensions in English. All other language packs are donated by the community. Please note that not all translations may be complete, up to date or correct.

Technical Specifications


Please make sure you are running the latest versions of Joomla!. Our extensions are developed and tested to work only with the latest versions of Joomla!
The minimum requirements to run RSMail! are:
  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5x
  • You must ensure that you have MySQL, XML and zlib functionality enabled within your PHP installation. In order to use the Bounce Handling feature, you will also need the PHP IMAP library installed and enabled on your server.
We recommend:
  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x
Not sure if RSMail! will work on your server?

Before purchasing, download an install RSTester! for Joomla! 3 — this extension will check if your server is compatible with our extensions.