RSMail! - RSBlog!

The RSMail! - RSBlog! plugin allows you to import the content of your email messages directly from within your RSBlog! posts with just a few simple clicks.

You can read more on how to install the plugin here.

Once the plugin has been installed and enabled, you will notice that, within the Placeholders area (RSMail! >> Messages >> click on New >> click on the Placeholders button located on the top right corner), a new option has been added: RSBlog!.

The displayed listing will contain all your RSBlog! posts. Clicking on one of the Title or Creation date columns will add a specific placeholder within the message body. Once the message is sent, the placeholder will be replaced with blog post content.

Placeholders will look similar to this: [rsblog:1]. Explanations:

  • rsblog: identifies the location of the content. In this case, RSBlog! blog post.
  • 1: the post id.

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