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Latest updates

RSSeo! - Ver 1.20.8 v1.20.0 09 Aug 2017

Introducing SEF URLs. Check out the latest additions for RSSeo! in the newly released version.

Details Changelog

RSKala! 19 Jul 2017

Our latest addition to our template portfolio: RSKala!.


RSForm!Pro iDeal plugin v1.52.11 11 May 2017

A new payment plugin has been released, you can now process payments using the well-known iDeal payment gateway.

Details Changelog

Joomla Event Manager 29 Mar 2017

Check out the new additions from the latest RSEvents!Pro release.


RSBaraka! 08 Mar 2017

Our next template relase: RSBaraka!, the best solution for businesses, creative agencies, product websites, blogs and portfolios.


RSPageBuilder! 13 Dec 2016

Taking the next step after our shortcodes system, we are introducing RSPageBuilder!, the best tool for creating and arranging your site content.


Latest blog entries

RSSeo! Revision 1.20.8

One step further with RSSeo! - introducing custom SEF URLs

Also known as clean URLs or human-readable URLs, SEF URLs are designed to make sense for both visitors and search engines. Find out some insights we have prepared in the latest RSSeo! revision, 1.20.8

Friendship week

Celebrating Friendship Week at RSJoomla!

The Friendship day is celebrated around the globe in the first Sunday of August, but here at RSJoomla!, we choosed to switch from a single day into an entire week filled with special discounts on all our products, including on renewals.

RSKala! Banner

RSKala! - the latest RSJoomla! template has arrived!

RSKala! is a modern, clean and fully customizable template, perfectly suited for businesses, creative agencies, product websites, blogs and portfolios.

Latest articles from our docs

RSTickets! Pro Changelog
in RSTickets!Pro - Changelog 13 hours ago.

21 Aug 2017 Version 2.1.15 Updated - Switched to Bootstrap Modals. Fixed - MooTools should no longer be loaded on frontend pages. 06 Jul 2017 Version 2.1.14 Fixed - Empty passwords were allowed when using 'Allow users to set their own...

RSSeo! Changelog
in RSSeo! - Changelog 15 hours ago.

21 Aug 2017 Version 1.20.11 Fixed - Optimized visitors queries. 16 Aug 2017 Version 1.20.10 Fixed - Page title counter was not working due to a javascript error. Fixed - Some large websites were slowed down after upgrading to the last...

RSDirectory! Changelog
in RSDirectory! - Changelog 16 hours ago.

21 Aug 2017 Version 1.8.7 Fixed - Promoted field now takes into account the entry publishing and expiration interval. Fixed - Calendars no longer default to a date if none was specified. 16 Aug 2017 Version 1.8.6 Fixed - Unpublished entries...