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Latest updates

RSForm!Pro 3 new Payment Plugins 21 Apr 2016

3 new payment plugins make their debut today: plugin, eWAY plugin and PagSeguro plugin.

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RSForm!Pro SMS notifications, Google Tracker, Mailer and Signature Plugins v1.51.12 31 Mar 2016

New free plugins added to RSForm!Pro: VerticalResponse plugin, GetResponse plugin and Campaign Monitor plugin. These new integrations will make email marketing easier for you.

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RSForm!Pro SMS notifications, Google Tracker, Mailer and Signature Plugins v1.51.11 30 Mar 2016

We are happy to announce the new additions to the RSForm!Pro component. You can now easily send SMS notifications, track your form conversions, allow users to sign the form submissions and add DKIM signatures to the component emails.

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Joomla! Tickets v2.1.0 17 Mar 2016

RSTickets!Pro version 2.1.0 will upgrade the functionality of your support desk. You now have better control over the ticket attachments, collect customer feedback through a newly introduced email and also automatically trigger the ticket notifications for inactive tickets.

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Joomla! Comments v1.13.3 26 Jan 2016

RSComments! version 1.13.3 comes with a facelift in terms of style, moderation and protection. You can now block abusive IPs from adding comments, easily moderate comments directly from email or create a more compact layout for the commenting form by choosing to hide the form field labels.

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Joomla! Gallery v1.0.0 19 Jan 2016

RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slide Module will allow you to create amazing image galleries which will delight your website’s visitors. The module has many configuration options such as Overlay color, Parallax Effects, Image Title and Description animations and Google Fonts.

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Latest blog entries

RSJoomla! 2016 Easter discounts

The Easter holiday is almost here and we want to spoil you with gifts! This year the RSJoomla! Easter bunny's basket is holding two special offers:

3 new payment integrations available for RSForm!Pro

Due to the continuing success of our payment plugin and also taking into account our customer feedback, we have expanded our payment gateway integration with a new set of plugins.

Email marketing made easier with RSForm!Pro

Regardless if you want to grow your business or to keep up with the trends in online marketing, surely you are considering or already implementing an email campaign.

Latest articles from our docs

RSMembership! Changelog
in RSMembership! User Guide - Changelog 3 hours ago.

30 May 2016 - 1.21.22 Fixed - Subscribers 'Active' and 'Total subscriptions' were being incorrectly calculated. Fixed - In some cases email sending would fail (due to JMail changes in Joomla! 3.5.1). Fixed - When sending emails would fail, Expiry Notification emails were sent...

RSEvents!Pro Changelog
in RSEvents!Pro - Changelog 3 days ago.

27 May 2016 - 1.9.25 Fixed - "Next week" and "Next weekend" options outputed wrong events when the current date was a Sunday. 17 May 2016 - 1.9.24 Fixed - The archived options from the Events menu item were conflicting with each other. Fixed - ICAL export for all...

How to create a conditional multi-page form
in RSForm! Pro - Custom scripting 4 days ago.

In the following article we will present an example on how to build a multi-page form that displays a different page based on the user's selection.Download Sample Form rsfp_changePage function Before we get started you should first familiarize yourself...