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Are you ready for Cyber Monday? RSJoomla! is!

For Cyber Monday we’ve prepared something really special, something that we’ve promised earlier this year in this article: RSJoomla! 2014 Overview and 2015 Promise

Black Friday: Up to 50% Off RSJoomla! Extensions and Templates

We have 2 words for you: Thank you! Thank you to all of our followers and customers for making this weekend promotion possible. To show you we mean that thank you, we’re going to give big discounts on everything to everyone!

RSFiles! 1.15.7 released with changes and add-ons - See the difference!

A new website for RSJoomla! doesn’t mean that we’ll be slacking in terms of extension development. No no! Check out the new features and improvements that we have prepared for RSFiles!, our secure and versatile Joomla! download manager.

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in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started

Starting from version 1.9, RSEvents!Pro has introduced Global Discounts. With this you can easily create discount coupons for multiple events from the same area, not needing to access each event and configuring the same discount multiple times. You can also create rules for applying...

Could not instantiate mail function error
in RSMail! User Guide - Frequently asked questions

If you're receiving a Could not instantiate mail function error, this can be generated by a bunch of reasons - from improper RSMail! mailing configuration to server side mailer failure. Troubleshooting steps: We will first have to identify what exactly is causing this - your...

More from this user module
in RSDirectory! - Plugins and Modules

This module, as the name says, can be used in order to display more entries added by the same user who added the current entry. Downloading and Installing the module Download The module can be downloaded by logging into our website using the account that holds the RSDirectory!...


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