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Backed up by +150K happy customers we decided to offer frontend design solutions well known as Joomla! Templates in order to make the Web a better place.

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RSShanti! Template 13 Sep 2016

Our new release: RSShanti!, the best solution for restaurant, bar or club websites. Read on for more information or test the template on our demo server.

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RSSeo! - Ver 1.20.0 v1.20.0 23 Aug 2016

Check out the latest additions for the RSSeo! component in the newly released version.

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Joomla! Blog v1.13.0 18 Aug 2016

This new version of RSBlog! greatly improves the Remote publishing functionality. Read out more in our blog.

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RSMalta! Template 04 Aug 2016

Check out our latest template: RSMALTA!. The template comes with many unique features like a built-in page builder, Mega Menu integration and improved transition effects. Read on for more information or test the template on our demo server.

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Joomla Event Manager 28 Jun 2016

The latest addition to the RSEvents!Pro functionality, the Shopping cart plugin, provides an entirely new event subscription experience.

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RSLibro! Template 03 Jun 2016

The newest template released by the RSJoomla! team: RSLIBRO!. Built specifically for RSDirectory! this template will offer all the resources needed to build up your directory website. Read on for more information or test the template on our demo server.

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Latest blog entries

RSShanti! Banner

Check out our latest template: RSShanti!

Our team has prepared a brand new Joomla! Template - RSShanti!, a fully responsive restaurant template that includes a clean design and lots of features, such as a built-in page builder, Mega Menu integration and improved content transitions.

This Autumn It's Raining Templates

Rainy days are here! The summer sun is gradually fading and more and more grey clouds gather in the sky as autumn takes charge.

RSSeo! Revision 1.20.0

Improve the SEO quality of your website with the new RSSeo!

After many hours of intense developing and testing, the 1.20 version of RSSeo! is finally here! Check out the improvements and new features we have prepared for you.

Latest articles from our docs

Template positions
in RSShanti! - Getting started 2 days ago.

RSShanti! Joomla 3.x module positions were suggestively named for an easier understanding of their location. Note that they are fully customizable - they can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping rows of positions to the desired locations. This great feature can be found in Templates...

RSEvents!Pro Changelog
in RSEvents!Pro - Changelog 3 days ago.

RSEvents!Pro Component RSEvents!Pro Cart plugin 20 Oct 2016 Version 1.10.17 Fixed - Backup / Restore fixed. Fixed - JSON decoding error. 13 Oct 2016 Version 1.10.16 Fixed...

System Check - Security Scanner for Joomla!
in RSFirewall! User Guide - Getting started 6 days ago.

Note: Since version 2.9.0, RSFirewall! records the last succesfully run of the System Check. This will be displayed within a blue box at the top of the "System Check" section. The System Check is an on-demand scanner that performs an extensive scan of your Joomla installation....