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RSTickets!Pro 3.0.0 v3.0.0 18 Mar 2021

RSTickets!Pro is our next Joomla! 4 compatible component.

RSForm!Pro Zapier v2.3.20 16 Feb 2021

A new integration has been released, this time with Zapier.

RSFeedback! 1.8.6 v1.8.6 19 Jan 2021

RSFeedback! now also supports Joomla! 4. Follow the below link to see the complete changelog.

RSEvents!Pro 1.13.3 v1.13.3 22 Dec 2020

RSEvents!Pro is now Joomla! 4 compatible, take a look at the new features available in the new release.

RSFiles! 1.16.22 v1.16.22 05 Nov 2020

This new version introduces a new caching feature for better loading times and Joomla! 4 compatibility.

RSDirectory! 1.10.0 v1.10.0 30 Oct 2020

This release introduces improved conditional {if} clauses and also an upgraded search functionality.

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April Fool's Sale

We're not joking, April Fool's Day Sale is on!

As you might already know, our promotions are no jokes! Hurry up, it won't last long!

RSTickets!Pro 3.0.0 - Joomla! 4 compatible

RSTickets!Pro 3.0.0 - improved and Joomla! 4 compatible

We are more than happy to announce you that RSTickets!Pro, our HelpDesk ticketing system component, has been updated in order to support the new Joomla! 4 version.

Spring Sale

Spring is in the air!

Start the first day of spring with big discounts to all our products!

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RSMembership! Changelog
in RSMembership! User Guide - Changelog 2 hours ago.

19 Apr 2021 Version 1.22.27 Fixed - Adding Shared Content was not working. Fixed - Some MooTools legacy code removed. 15 Apr 2021 Version 1.22.26 Fixed - Workaround for the Google Visualization API and MooTools conflict causing the 'Overview'...

RSVario! Changelog
in RSVario! - Changelog 3 days ago.

16 Apr 2021 Version 1.0.32 Updated - RSTickets!Pro styling improvements were needed. Fixed - Joomla! system messages were not displayed properly. Fixed - 'Reset to default' was not working properly. Fixed - Zoom was not working on Android devices. Fixed...

Plugin - Stripe (Create custom order forms)
in RSForm! Pro - Plugins and Modules 3 days ago.

Instructions Changelog   The RSForm!Pro Stripe Payment Integration Plugin allows you to add a new payment method to the existing Payment Package of RSForm!Pro. This RSForm!Pro Stripe Payment Integration...