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Latest updates

RSSalma! 13 Jun 2018

Welcome our newest template: RSSalma!.


RSTrone! 04 Apr 2018

We are proud to introduce RSTrone!, the second template added to our free templates portfolio.


RSForm!Pro 2.0 v2.0 09 Jan 2018

We are starting strong in 2018 with a major release for RSForm!Pro. Read our blog post and check the online documentation for more information on this release.

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RSRokka! 31 Oct 2017

Our latest addition to our template portfolio: RSRokka!.


RSSeo! - Ver 1.20.8 v1.20.0 09 Aug 2017

Introducing SEF URLs. Check out the latest additions for RSSeo! in the newly released version.

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RSKala! 19 Jul 2017

Our latest addition to our template portfolio: RSKala!.


Latest blog entries

Cyber Monday 2018

Black Friday OFF, Cyber Monday ON

Following the Black Friday promotion, Cyber Monday brings you another day of opportunities.

Black Friday 2018

Big Black Friday Sale!

When it comes to annual discounts, the Black Friday is the most awaited time of the year. We don't want to miss that, neither do you. Black Friday starts now at RSJoomla!

RSEvento! 2.0, RSClario! 2.0

Combo template launch! Check out RSEvento! and RSClario! 2.0

This November we are starting strong with a double template release.

Latest articles from our docs

RSEdimo! Changelog
in RSEdimo! - Changelog 3 days ago.

11 Dec 2018 Version 1.0.14 Fixed - Bootstrap 'hide' class was not working on buttons. Fixed - Modals were not displayed properly. 12 Oct 2018 Version 1.0.13 Updated - Content position width is increased with the width of unused column...

RSEvento! Changelog
in RSEvento! 2.0 - Changelog 3 days ago.

10 Dec 2018 Version 2.0.3 Updated - Template overrides for RSEvents!Pro were updated. 16 Nov 2018 Version 2.0.2 Fixed - Image logo could not be set on a centered position. Fixed - Unwanted HTML elements could be displayed in the descriptions...

in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started 3 days ago.

The RSEvents!Pro > Subscriptions area provides a subscription listing for all your events. The following information is being displayed: subscriber name, email address, date and IP address, event name, purchased tickets, payment gateway and subscription status. Besides these,...