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Latest updates

Joomla! Comments v1.13.3 26 Jan 2016

RSComments! version 1.13.3 comes with a facelift in terms of style, moderation and protection. You can now block abusive IPs from adding comments, easily moderate comments directly from email or create a more compact layout for the commenting form by choosing to hide the form field labels.

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Joomla! Gallery v1.0.0 19 Jan 2016

RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slide Module will allow you to create amazing image galleries which will delight your website’s visitors. The module has many configuration options such as Overlay color, Parallax Effects, Image Title and Description animations and Google Fonts.

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Joomla! Forms v1.51.2 12 Jan 2016

The new RSForm!Pro 1.51 brings you new form layout styles and many fine features. Besides the existing Responsive layout, RSForm!Pro 1.51.2 got Bootstrap 2.3.2, Bootstrap 3.3.5 and yes, UIKIT 2.22 layouts.

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Joomla! Security v2.9.0 14 Dec 2015

The new version of RSFirewall! brings well placed security advancements and a few fine upgrades. You can compare the changed core files, import/export firewall configuration and block visitors coming by referral from a specific domain name.

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Joomla! Blog v1.12.20 09 Dec 2015

The new version of RSBlog! introduces a new Timeline theme, Remote publishing feature and various improvements for blog posts

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Joomla! Download Manager v1.15.7 18 Nov 2015

The new version of RSFiles introduces a new HTML 5 Audio/Video player , jQuery Upload with chunked upload method and others Upload related improvements

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Time to move forward - dropping support for Joomla! 2.5

Just as stated in the last Joomla! 2.5 release, Joomla! 2.5 completed its projected lifespan (back in December 2014 actually) and it’s time to move on to the newer and better version: Joomla! 3.5 (the stable version is expected to be released at the end of February 2016).

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Latest articles from our docs

How to edit a submission using the original form
in RSForm! Pro - Custom scripting 2 days ago.

This tutorial will provide an example where, based on the logged in user, it pre-fills last submitted data in case the user wants to adjust certain information. You can download the sample form on the right for a finished example which can be restored using the built-in RSForm!Pro...

RSAlto! Changelog
in RSAlto! - Changelog 3 days ago.

11 February 2016 - v1.0.22 Fixed - Footer Fluid D position was missing. 26 October 2015 - v1.0.21 Fixed - Login module was not displayed properly when Two Factor Authentication plugins were enabled. 07 October 2015 - v1.0.20 Fixed - Menu separator and...

Content Plugin (plg_content) - Display the form in an article
in RSForm! Pro - Plugins and Modules 5 days ago.

Download the plugin The RSForm!Pro Content Plugin allows you to publish a form inside a content item. To publish a form inside a content item, you need to install the plugin first. Get the plugin. You can get the plugin by loggin with your purchase user, then head to Downloads...


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