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Backed up by +150K happy customers we decided to offer frontend design solutions well known as Joomla! Templates in order to make the Web a better place.

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Latest updates

RSPageBuilder! 13 Dec 2016

Taking the next step after our shortcodes system, we are introducing RSPageBuilder!, the best tool for creating and arranging your site content.


RSVario! 13 Dec 2016

Our first FREE template has been launched, check out what RSVario! has to offer in the online documentation.


RSNoticia! Template 16 Nov 2016

Spread the news, RSNoticia! has arrived, the best solution for news oriented websites.

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RSShanti! Template 13 Sep 2016

Our new release: RSShanti!, the best solution for restaurant, bar or club websites. Read on for more information or test the template on our demo server.

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RSSeo! - Ver 1.20.0 v1.20.0 23 Aug 2016

Check out the latest additions for the RSSeo! component in the newly released version.

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Joomla! Blog v1.13.0 18 Aug 2016

This new version of RSBlog! greatly improves the Remote publishing functionality. Read out more in our blog.

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Latest blog entries

Christmas Sales

At the close of another year, we gratefully wish you a warm Holiday Season!

The RSJoomla! team wishes you warm and happy holidays and invites you to take advantage of the seasonal discount promotion: 35% OFF on all our components, plugins and templates!

RSVario! Banner

Get the most advanced free joomla template for your future projects!

Rather than introducing a new product alone, this time the RSJoomla! team offers you a special bundle of FREE components, more specifically, an awesome template: RSVario! and a stunning component: RSPageBuilder! that are meant to make your online experience much easier than it has ever been.

RSNoticia! Banner

Spread the news - RSNoticia! is here

We are glad to announce that our team has developed another Joomla! Template, this time especially for magazine, blog and news websites, RSNoticia! This is the ultimate News Joomla! Template, it is clean, super flexible, responsive and it's the most easy-to use theme on the market!

Latest articles from our docs

RSNoticia! Changelog
in RSNoticia! - Changelog 21 hours ago.

17 Jan 2017 Version 1.0.4 Fixed - Dropdown Menu did not perform correctly. 09 Dec 2016 Version 1.0.3 Fixed - Menu did not work correctly on mobile devices. Fixed - Added HTML elements in order to ease up CSS customization for 'mod_rsnoticia_most_liked_articles'. Fixed...

RSForm! Pro Changelog
in RSForm! Pro - Changelog 2 days ago.

16 Jan 2017 Version 1.52.6 Fixed - In some cases, the PDF output would not load the stylesheets from the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item. Fixed - New lines were not shown properly in 'Manage Submissions'. Fixed - 'Free Text' HTML is now escaped when editing...

RSTickets! Pro Changelog
in RSTickets!Pro - Changelog 2 weeks ago.

06 Jan 2017 Version 2.1.6 Fixed - Ticket replies were still attaching uploaded files even if the 'Download type' option was set to 'Link to server'. Fixed - When sending staff member emails, attachment links were missing the domain name. 31 Oct 2016 Version...