Latest updates

RSFiles! 1.17.5 14 Jun 2024

Added - Added the PDF.js library for previewing PDF files.

RSPageBuilder! 2.1.5 11 Jun 2024

Fixed - In some cases when using 3rd party editors the modal was not loading.

RSEdimo! 1.2.1 11 Jun 2024

Fixed - Old Joomla! 3 overrides could cause issues when migrating to Joomla! 4 or 5.

RSMembership! 2.1.3 04 Jun 2024

Added - When allowing re-subscribing with the same email address a new option is available that allows to skip the New User Email, for not logged in users.
Fixed - The {username} placeholder returned empty in some emails.
Fixed - The {category} placeholder returned the category ID instead of the name.
Fixed - Removed the {coupon} placeholder from the list in New Extra Added / Renewal / Upgrade emails.

RSMediaGallery! 2.1.3 03 Jun 2024

Fixed - Importing images with a space in their filename would result in an error.

RSNoticia! 2.0.2 31 May 2024

Fixed - Joomla! 5.1 backend Dark Mode fixes.
Fixed - Mega Menu feature did not work properly.

Latest blog entries

17 Years Anniversary Promotion

Celebrating 17 Years of RSJoomla!

Celebrating another year of our contributions to the Joomla! community! Join us in commemorating our 17th anniversary and looking forward to a promising future!

RSForm!Pro Field Preview

New RSForm!Pro Field - the Field Preview

We are excited to announce a new addition to RSForm!Pro: the Field Preview functionality. This new feature enhances the flexibility and usability of your forms, making it easier for users to see their data before submission. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use this new functionality and what it brings to your forms.

RSEvents!Pro 1.14.7

New RSEvents!Pro version release - 1.14.7

The latest version of RSEvents!Pro introduces fresh functionalities aimed at enriching the visitor experience through your event planner.

Latest articles from our docs

Adjust the component's layout and style using template overrides
in RSFiles! - Getting started 7 hours ago.

Though RSFiles! comes with a well organized display, there may be times when you would like to improve / adjust the look and feel of a certain area. In order to do this you will need to perform template overrides. Template overrides offer tremendous flexibility in terms...

How to send event related reminders
in RSEvents!Pro - Frequently asked questions 8 hours ago.

Event Reminders RSEvents! Pro comes with a built-in functionality to send Event Related Reminders, triggered at various points within the event lifeline: Reminder emails that can be delivered before the event starts; Post reminder email, after the event...

Adjusting the component's look and feel
in RSBlog! - Getting started 8 hours ago.

Though RSBlog! comes with a well organized display, there may be times when you would like to improve / adjust the look and feel of a certain area. The team thought this through and designed RSBlog! in such a way that almost every view can be adjusted via template...