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18 Aug 2015

From Single Site License to Multi-site upgrade options

Tagged with joomla extensions , license , single site , multisite

...so you were not sure about our extensions, or you weren't expecting to find use for them on other websites and you bought the Single Site subscription. Not to worry, we have recently added the possibility to upgrade your subscription with ease from Single Site to Multi-site for 6 months or 1 year just by paying the difference.

Upgrade from Single Site to Multi-site subscriptions
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10 Aug 2015

Make a splash this summer with RSJoomla! Extensions!

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , promotion , discount

Why not make the days of summer even hotter with a summer limited promotion:

12 months multi-site subscription at the price of 6 months multi-site.

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28 May 2015

RSComments! v1.13.0 Released!

Tagged with joomla extensions , comments , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla

A new version of RSComments! has been released! A new design for the Joomla! 3.x version, rich snippets and few other improvements have made their way in this release. Read on for more information!

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03 Apr 2015

Up to 40% off all RSJoomla! extensions and templates for Easter!

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , discount , joomla templates , easter promotion

We want to make this year’s Easter one to remember and what better way to do that than to zip up the RSJoomla! Easter bunny costume and bring you a special gift: 20% discount on all single site subscriptions and templates and a 40% discount on multi site subscriptions.

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16 Jan 2015

Joomla!, RS and the Migration topic

Tagged with joomla 1.5 , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , migration

If you have a Joomla! site you have probably heard it by now - MIGRATION. It might have always been there, breathing down on the back of your neck but preferred to not look back as it might be something scary. If this is the case, you were half right - it sounds scary but you can be prepared.

A lot of fuss was made when Joomla! 2.5 reached its end - basically it won't get any new updates. Don't worry this has happened before with Joomla! 1.1.x and 1.5. There are a couple of articles (Joomla! doc, magazine article) out there that will explain the benefits of walking down the migration path, but none of them state the obvious - costs and a considerable headache will be associated with this action.

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