RSForm!Pro - Google Analytics Plugin for tracking forms in Joomla!

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RSForm!Pro has a new plugin for Joomla! that it's easy to implement and will help you track forms in your Google Analytics (GA) reports.

In order to view how many visitors accessed a form in Google Analytics and how many of them has actually completed the data and submitted the form, you have to place some additional tracking code to your website pages and configure goals. Usually goals are used on key pages to analyze the actions of a visitor in a set of related pages, such as shopping cart or order form.In our case the goal would be the steps that makes a visitor to reach the "Thank you" page of the form.

It's important to track forms in Google Analytics, because it allows you to analyze the visitors behavior and how frequently they abandon goals. If the abandon rate is higher, then you might want to consider to offer something to user (e.g. a free e-book) to complete the form or minimizing the amount of data collected from it.

The additional tracking code won't be necessary anymore after installing the Google Analytics Plugin for RSForm! Pro. So, to track visitors that entered data into a form in Joomla! you will only need to configure goals in your Google account , then install the Google Analytics Plugin for RSForm! Pro.

After implementing these steps you will be able to receive data and track form submission in your Analytics account. You can read about downloading, installing and configuring this plugin for Joomla! here or you can see other free plugins for RSForm! Pro recently launched:

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