RSSocial! 1.1.0 - New Email and Recommend Icons

in RSSocial! on 12 Sep 2014 having 0 comments
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RSSocial!'s first ever update brings in two new features - Email and Recommend to a Friend, click on Read More to find out what they do.

Email Link

We've added a new icon, with it's own tab in the module's configuration, that allows adding a mailto: link containing an email address of your choice. By clicking on it, the user's email client will be opened and that email address will be automatically added in the To: field.


Another new feature is the possibility to recommend a page to a friend. The user clicks on the afferent icon in the module, and a pop-up will be opened containing form in which the user will then need to specify the From and To email addresses, as well as his Name and a Subject. An email will be sent to the receiving address containing a link to the page where the button was clicked on.

Any Requests ?

These new features are now available because of the requests the community has made since the extension's release. We're barely getting started, so any new idea is welcome, please post your feature requests in our feedback section linked below.


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