RSBlog! Ver. 1.12.0 - Functionality and Visual Improvements

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The latest version of RSBlog! improves on both the extension's frontend look and its functionality. Read the full blogpost for more information on this release.

Visual Improvements

Some important changes have been made to the extension's frontend presentation:

  • New Themes

Up until this point, the Joomla! 3.x version of RSBlog! only included a single style for the frontend posts listing, leaving the users with a single option to change this: template overrides. As of this version on, there are 7 pre-defined themes that you can choose from, to better customize your blog's look and feel. You can have a look at some examples in the image gallery below:

The Joomla! 2.5 version used to provide some themes that have now been removed. Should you wish to switch back to those instead, you can use the RSBlog! Legacy Plugin (only available for Joomla! 2.5) which, if installed and enabled, will override the theme setting made in the component's configuration area and allow selecting one of the old themes when editing the plugin.

  • Blogpost Image

You can now set, when editing an old post or when adding a new one, an image that will be displayed along with the post's text. You can have a look at the example below:

Functionality Improvements

The list of changes doesn't end here, in this new revision you'll also find some additions to the extension's functionality:

  • Auto-saving Drafts

When creating a new post, the component can be set up to automatically save drafts after a number of seconds pass. This number can also be configured.

  • Post Reporting

Your readers are now given the possibility to report posts. Simply enable this option in the extension's backend configuration area and a button will show up in the frontend. By clicking on this button the reader will be able to type in the reason that they reported the post for and the website's administrator will have access, in the backend, to the reporting user's name, reason and IP in the backend, along with the date and time the report was added on.

  • Smart Search Integration

To make RSBlog! more versatile, we have included an integration with Joomla!'s default Smart Search functionality, enabling you to index RSBlog! posts. This is done through the Smart Search Plugin.

Fedback and Feature Requests

In the Feedback section that we have linked below you can post your opinions on this new version of RSBlog!, as well as requests for any new new features that would make your life easier, we always listen.


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