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RSMembership!'s plugins list is now one entry richer: the iDEAL plugin now allows our customers from the Netherlands to manage their payments through the well-known payment processor.

Supported Accounts

Currently, the plugin integrates support for the following types of iDEAL accounts:

Each account type has its own configuration parameters grouped in a separate tab.

Easy to Use

This integration is somewhat customizable: you can either use the plugin in Test or Live mode, apply a tax based either on a percentage or fixed value and even choose how memberships are displayed in the shopping cart. Also, you can specify how the iDEAL payment option will be displayed in the checkout form.

For more information on how to set up the integration, please visit the following link:


So How do I Get It ?

First of all, you need an active RSMembership! subscription. If you never had one yet, you can get a new one by following the link below:


Just hover the mouse cursor over the big BUY NOW! button, check the iDEAL Payment Plugin option and click on the preferred type of license. The product will then be automatically added to the shopping cart (including the iDEAL plugin).

If you have an expired license, you need to first renew it, and then you will have the possibility to purchase the plugin separately. Click on the link below to renew your RSMembership! license:


Now, with your license renewed, head back to the link provided above and click on the buy plugins button associated with your RSMembership! license in order to get the iDEAL Plugin.

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Alexandru Plapana - 11.11.2014 (03:19:20)

Can you please elaborate on "multiple family membership" ?


Keith Stubblefield - 10.11.2014 (15:30:11)
multiple family membership

I would like to know if this app support multiple family membership and if so could someone help me set it up?
We're a nonprofit youth track club and would like for our members to sign up online we currently using Sports Sign up , but prefer to have more control of our users information.


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