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RSMembership!'s plugins list is now one entry richer: the iDEAL plugin now allows our customers from the Netherlands to manage their payments through the well-known payment processor.

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RSMembership!'s 20th release (version 1.20.0) comes with some very useful new features and updates that will make it worthwhile. The list is too long to mention them in this preview, click on Read more and see for yourself.

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RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

RSMembership! rev. 19 introduces the possibility to restrict access to only certain parts of your web pages, through a simple and intuitive syntax.

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A long time has passed since we have released a new revision for RSMembership!, leading some of our users to believe that we have given up on this component. The present release comes to shatter those false beliefs, bringing some improvements to the component's functionality and look, as well as the long-awaited Joomla! 3.x compatibility.

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RSEvents! with RSMembership! Suppose you have a Joomla! based community website where users can organize local events from concerts to meetings and fundraisings.

One of the project requirements is to be able to sell the priveligies to add events. For example, one would be able to pay in order to add an event.

Users that want to manage their own events (create new events or even sell tickets via PayPal) will periodically be charged.

add events in the Joomla front-end panel

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