RSMembership! Version 1.20.0 released!

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RSMembership!'s 20th release (version 1.20.0) comes with some very useful new features and updates that will make it worthwhile. The list is too long to mention them in this preview, click on Read more and see for yourself.

Membership Custom Fields

Yes, this is correct, the possibility to gather information customized for each membership is finally here! All of this is done easily, by using the 9 most common HTML fields: Text box, Text Area, Select List, Multiple Select List, Checkbox Group, Radio Group, Calendar, Hidden Field and Custom HTML. Naturally, each field's functionality can be customized through its configuration parameters.

Data Export

A much needed feature was the possibility to export RSMembership! information for various external use. This was introduced for both the newly added Subscriptions tab, and for the Subscribers tab as well. In both tabs, you can export all of the data found, with a single click, to a CSV file.

Individual transaction view

The previous, general layout of the Transactions tab was offering insufficient information regarding the transactions. This new version introduces the possibility to view more detailed, individual transaction data. Transaction, User and Membership-related information will be available, as well as a Payment Log (which will be filled in, if available, with information sent by the payment processor).

Brand-new Subscriptions View

Although the Subscribers tab offered the possibility to manage subscriptions, doing so was uncomfortable in many situations, as this could only be done by first looking up the user's account and listing all subscriptions made on the website was impossible.

This is why we have decided to introduce a new tab, Subscriptions, which provides much better subscription management capabilities: all subscriptions are listed individually, they can be filtered by their status (Active, Pending, Expired and Cancelled) and by the membership they are associated with.

Extended reporting capabilities

The Reports feature is a great tool that can give you complex insight on how your business is going. It provides a graphical representation for 2 types of reports: the number of subscribers and transactions, both of which can be filtered by Time Period, Customer, Membership and Price Range.

The current version (1.20.0) introduces a third report type: Sales, which displays an Average and Total for Completed and Denied transactions. Of course, a graphical representation is also available for this type of report.

Keep in touch with us

We want to keep improving our components, but we can't do this alone. Help us make RSMembership! and the rest of our extensions better by submitting your ideas and needs in our feedback section.

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