RSMembership! rev. 19 - new web page content restriction feature

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RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

RSMembership! rev. 19 introduces the possibility to restrict access to only certain parts of your web pages, through a simple and intuitive syntax.

Limit pages content

Although URL restrictions can be very practical, there are certain scenarios where this functionality is insufficient. This has led us to implement restricting only parts of a web page using a quite simple syntax, which can be included anywhere your website, on pages that contain text or HTML code (content articles, custom HTML modules, any content included in 3rd party components). When applying this syntax, you will grant access to that content only for certain memberships or membership categories, without having to restrict access to the entire page (through URL restrictions).

Syntax implementation example

Let's assume that you have an article containing both general and detailed explanations on how to use PHP, and that you want to allow unregistered users to only view the general explanations (and show them a message instead of the detailed explanations), but provide details only to users who own a membership. You will need to enclose the detailed explanations within the following tags:

{rsmembership id="1,3"}

Detailed explanations


This is shown to NON-subscribers.


The Detailed explanations will only be displayed to users who have purchased at least one of the memberships that have the 1 or 3 internal id.

The This is shown to NON-subscribers. text will be displayed to all users who do not own either of those memberships. Please note that the {else} tag is optional.

The possibility to grant access to entire membership categories is also present. All you need to do to achieve this is replace the starting tag with this one:

{rsmembership category="2,4"}

where 2 and 4 are the internal id's of the membership categories for which you want to grant access to the restricted content.

Keep better track of accessed shared content

The Access logs feature has received a very important improvement - it now records which of the actual shared content the user has accessed (website pages), not only the downloaded files.


You can find detailed explanations on updating the component in our documentation.


Please aid us in improving our components by posting your opinions in our feedback section.

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