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RSLens! broadens the RSJoomla! template line-up bringing its own, unique style based a deep contrast. It is best suited for photographers who want to showcase their work in a neutral environment that lets the pieces speak for themselves. The clean design and bold typography offer the perfect outlet for artists to express the emotions that best describe the work they are presenting.

Responsive layout

In terms of accessibility, RSLens! is built on the modern Bootstrap grid system that allows total adaptability to all types of resolutions and screen sizes, including those of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Here are some examples of how the pages are automatically re-arranged and resized on different resolutions:

iPad (768x1024) Smartphone (480x800)


The template's personalization options are quite impressive, the pre-defined stylized containers that the Shortcodes feature has to offer will surely please viewers and bring out the best in the photos that you wish to showcase. There are 4 types of wrappers available: Box (which includes 11 styles to choose from), Accordion, Carousel and Tabs. You can have a look at the image gallery below to get an idea on what's available for use.


Flexibility for developers

By making use of Joomla!'s template override capabilities, RSLens! allows adjusting any extension's style to have it integrate as good as possible with the template, without altering the files that provide the extension's original frontend design.

You're not limited to using the template as we offer it, out-of-the box. We are also giving you the possibility to change its style without having to worry about losing the modifications upon future updates.

Complex module positioning

You have 62 options for placing your modules on the website. Some of these positions have a variable number of alternative styles to provide more freedom in terms of frontend design and you can even re-arrange them quickly and easily by just dragging and dropping them in the positions that are best suited for the information that you wish to make visible. The image below shows a comparison between the default arrangement and styles (left) and a custom one (right).

The Showcase module

Speaking of module positions, note that the recently released RSShowcase! module works really well with RSLens! and, since we're offering the module for free and RSMediaGallery! as a bundle for each template (including RSLens!), we recommend that you give it a try, maybe you'll like what it does to your website.


Please have a look at the template on its dedicated demo website and tell us what you think about it, in our feedback section. We are well aware of the fact that there's always room for improvement, this is why everything our customers have to say about our work always matters.


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