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A long time has passed since we have released a new revision for RSMembership!, leading some of our users to believe that we have given up on this component. The present release comes to shatter those false beliefs, bringing some improvements to the component's functionality and look, as well as the long-awaited Joomla! 3.x compatibility.

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The latest RSSeo! release introduces 3 new features designed to aid you in controlling how error pages are being displayed, which of your website's URLs are disfunctional and keeping track of website pages that have generated errors.

18 Oct 2013 2 comments in RSSeo!
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Due to the fast-paced evolution of Joomla! 3 (which, to date, has reached version 3.1.4), we have updated all of our Joomla! 3.x-ready components in order to keep up with the recent changes made to Joomla!'s code.

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RSEvents!Pro's 5th iteration took shape based on many feature requests that we have received both in our feedback section, as well as through customer support tickets.

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RSJuno! - Joomla! responsive template

Within the last few days, RSJuno! has undergone some changes through 2 new revisions, v1.0.6 and v1.0.7.


RSJuno! v1.0.6 includes Google Analytics support and some bug fixes:

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