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RSEvents!Pro's 5th iteration took shape based on many feature requests that we have received both in our feedback section, as well as through customer support tickets.

Barcode Scan

A feature that was requested extensively is the possibility to scan ticket barcodes. This is very useful when allowing entrance to events, completing the purpose of the Ticket PDF trait. Using the {barcodetext} placeholder you can add the text version of the barcode in the Ticket PDF and, using Barcode Scan, search for the text representation of the barcode to identify the ticket.

Custom seat charts

The possibility to create seat charts is finally here! We have added a new option in the Event registration tab, Enable tickets configuration which, if checked, will open a new tab called Tickets Configuration. When accessing this tab, a modal will be opened in which you can define a custom chart for each ticket that was configured for the event. The charts will contain a listing of available seats (numbered from 1 to the maximum value set). As tickes are purchased for certain seats, those seats will no longer be selectable in the listing.

The Content plugin

This plugin enables you to display some useful event information (event name, start and end date and time, location and category) within a Joomla! Content article's text. You can read more on how to install and implement the integration here.

The Featured events and Archived events modules

RSEvents!Pro's already rich list of modules has been expanded. Archived or featured events can now be displayed in frontend module positions through the Archived events and Featured events modules. You can read more about their configuration parmeters in our documentation.

Many more improvements have been made to the component's general functionality, they are listed in RSEvents!Pro's changelog.

Coming soon: Keep an eye out for RSEvento!, the Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x responsive template, specially designed to work with RSEvents!Pro.

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Alexandru Plapana - 04.11.2013 (03:31:06)

You are more then welcomed to add this as a feature request here:

We do try to implement as many customer needs as possible.


RPPEO - 01.11.2013 (11:39:53)
Would like Weekly and Daily views too

This is common for other packages, but RSJoomla's attitude is to reply by saying you can turn the week numbers on and get a weekly view that way. Not what your PAYING customers want.


Praveen Saraf - 03.08.2013 (08:46:29)
Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend filters

Hi, we're evaluating RSEvents Pro for our new version of the site. We needed the 'Featured Event' feature and we're happy that it's there in RSEvents Pro.
However, we also want to be able to show events based on Today, Tomorrow and This Weekend criteria. We're not strong coders but can do minor enhancements. I'd like to know how easy or hard it is in RSEvents Pro to customize it.

Thanks and regards,


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