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Helping people easily find your website remains a complicated task. As a marketer or business owner, the main focus is on making information accessible to the people looking for answers online, because that step is now just as important as distributing a product or making a service accessible.

24 Sep 2015 0 comments in RSSeo!
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Have no SEO-fear, RSSeo! 1.19 is here. Check out its new features and improvements as it might take a load off your SEO burdened shoulders.

RSSeo! Revision 1.19
08 Sep 2015 0 comments in RSSeo!
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Here’s why you need it…

Any way you want to call it - optimization for multi-screen use or design for mobile devices – it’s very important because the use of mobile devices to surf the web and gather information or to do specific actions is growing rapidly.

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Microdata or rich snippets were introduced back in 2009, as a way of helping search engines describe and understand the content is being indexed and thus displayed in search results.

Joomla! and Microdata

Yes, ok, but how does this affect me, the Google searcher ? Simple: less time spent on search pages, more time on the actual content, more exposure.

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The latest RSSeo! release introduces 3 new features designed to aid you in controlling how error pages are being displayed, which of your website's URLs are disfunctional and keeping track of website pages that have generated errors.

18 Oct 2013 2 comments in RSSeo!
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