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Today we are going to have a little chat with an old friend and collaborator, Wilco Alsemgeest, Joomla! entrepreneur and volunteer, about his take on what is happening in the Joomla! environment, how Joomla! evolved and continues to do so in the Netherlands.

Feel free to write comments that would help both our organizations bring you and your fellow joomlers more information and better services.

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New RSJoomla! website

We keep our promises, and just like we promised this spring in the article: RSJoomla! 2014 Overview and 2015 Promise, we redesigned our website focusing on matching your information surfing needs, bringing increased quality to the level of user experience (UX) and last, but not least important, a fresh look for RSJoomla!

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RSFirewall! protects your website from Joomla! vulnerabilities

Within the past few days an announcement was made with regards to a severe Joomla! vulnerability. There were no details provided about this security issue and you can imagine why - disclosing such information would pose existing websites and business at risk.

Good news for RSFirewall! users: You were protected the whole time!

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RSEvents!Pro revision 1.9.0 comes with the all needed global discounts functionality and some usability issues that have been reported by our customers (thank you all for taking time to do this!).

Various improvements have been made to radius searches, ticket management and multi-language capabilities. As always, we recommend having your installation updated at all times to maintain security and efficiency.

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RSForm!Pro is the Joomla! form builder that almost all joomlers include in their website kit because it has great functionality and it’s easy to use. For some time now, RSForm!Pro users have been talking about the creation of a new plugin that would allow them to sign forms in order to make them official.

For example: parents could sign forms to approve different changes in their child's schooling, a person could sign an online application; basically any type of official approval that is needed can be made with the help of this solution. The creation proposal for this signature plugin received multiple votes in the RSJoomla! Feedback section.

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