RSSeo! rev.17 - new URL error handling possibilities

in RSSeo! on 18 Oct 2013 having 2 comments
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The latest RSSeo! release introduces 3 new features designed to aid you in controlling how error pages are being displayed, which of your website's URLs are disfunctional and keeping track of website pages that have generated errors.

Handling error pages

You can now control how Joomla!-generated HTTP error messages are being displayed, by specifying either a redirect URL or a text message which can be edited as HTML (if your default editor allows this) in the Error pages tab.

Keeping track of error-generating pages

The Error URLs tab records which of your website's pages have generated errors. An error counter is also included.

Checking pages for broken URL's

A new feature was added to the Pages tab - Broken Links. It checks if the page has URLs and verifies their validity. If a broken URL is found, it will be listed along with the generated HTTP error's code.

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Alexandru Plapana - 06.11.2013 (04:47:39)

Thank you for your suggestion. This has already been added on our TO DO list.

If you have further enhancements, please add them here:


Gagan - 05.11.2013 (21:16:17)
Include pagination seo

Pl see to include Pagination SEO capability as rel next and rel previous.

Its much required and i dont think and Joomla extension is offering that


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