Updates for all of our Joomla! 3.x-ready components

in Development on 26 Jul 2013 having 4 comments

Due to the fast-paced evolution of Joomla! 3 (which, to date, has reached version 3.1.4), we have updated all of our Joomla! 3.x-ready components in order to keep up with the recent changes made to Joomla!'s code.

Both RSForm!Pro and RSFirewall! have received new revisions, RSForm!Pro rev. 47 and RSFirewall! rev. 50 which also include a workaround for a JView bug that occurs in Joomla! 3.1.2 and higher versions.

The rest of our Joomla! 3.x-ready components have been updated as well, but not through new revisions.

It is highly recommended to upgrade the components to these latest versions in order to get the best out of their functionality.

To update the components, please follow these steps:

  • Download the packages from the My Downloads section of our website
  • Head to Extensions >> Extension Manager
  • Click on Browse and provide the path to the installation packages
  • Click on Upload & Install

The update process will not cause any data loss.

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Alexandru Plapana - 29.07.2013 (07:17:34)

We are working on this, but we can't provide an estimated release date. All revisions are announced on our blog, so stay tuned.


Geoff Boreland - 29.07.2013 (05:33:47)
Joomla 3 Membership Release?

I would love to know when the new Joomla 3 compatible version of the membership will be available?


Octavian Cinciu - 29.07.2013 (02:23:11)

Joomla! 3.1 is the same as Joomla! 3.0. And what we've fixed in our releases is actually a workaround for a known bug in 3.1.4 which will hopefully get solved in 3.1.5:


Andy - 28.07.2013 (08:07:57)
J3.1 - Good but...

Well it's good that you finally keep up with the development but you should also keep up with updating your product information. As it is now, on RSForm!Pro product page it says that it's ONLY compatible with J!3.0.


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