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17 Feb 2009

RSForm!Pro - Joomla form

We are pleased to present a new RSForm! Pro update, which brings many bug fixes, code optimizations and new features.

The most important feature we've added is a new field in the "Scripts" tab which executes right after the information has been submitted into the database and all emails (user and/or admin) are sent. You can now use the "Script called after form has been processed" field to take full control of the form without losing any submissions or emails.

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16 Feb 2009

Do you have tons of articles that you actively have to manage in your Joomla! administrator?

But not just that .. how much time do you spend searching for users, plugins, modules, components and menu items..RSFinder! - Joomla! admin module

RSFinder! is an universal search tool for your Joomla! Administrator panel. Not just that, RSFinder! helps you accessing anything that you have to manage in less than 2 seconds.

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11 Feb 2009

Joomla! Day Melbourne 20092009 announces to be rich in great events for the Joomla! community .

Since the year started the turkey community has organized Joomla! Day 2009 in Izmir on January, 10th , "an incredible day of learning, sharing, and networking with others".

Another great Joomla! event in Melbourne , Australia has past and as organizers mentioned :

"Joomla! Day 2009 has been a fantastic day with experts across a range of levels sharing their expertise with the 130 in attendance. "

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23 Jan 2009

Let's clarify a bit why our Joomla! form component has two different sections that look almost the same when you set up where the submissions should go once clicked.
RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

RSForm! (not to be confused with RSForm!Pro) has only one section, where you must set up the receiver of the e-mail, the subject and the body.

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