Comments integration and predefined subjects in RSTickets!Pro revision 8

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RSTickets!Pro revision 8 comes with loads of new features and improvements: knowledgebase integration with Facebook and RSComments, predefined ticket subjects and much more.


1. Knowledgebase comments integration: Facebook, RSComments!, JComments, JomComment

Starting with revision 8, you can allow customers to comment the RSTickets!Pro knowledgebase articles by enabling from the “Configuration” tab one of the following integration: Facebook, RSComments! JComments and JomComment.


RSTickets!Pro - knowledgebase integration with Facebook, RSComments, JComments, JomComment


2. Predefined subjects per department

Each department can have its own set of predefined subjects, option that allows users to select from a dropdown the ticket subject, instead of actually typing it.



RSTickets!Pro - predefined ticket subjects


3. "Time Spent" on a ticket

Once this option is enabled from the “Configuration” tab >> Tickets, the staff members will be able to input the time spent on a ticket in minutes, hours or days, based on the configured time frame.


RSTickets!Pro - time spent on a ticket



4. Maximum files to be uploaded per department

Each RSTickets!Pro department can be configured to allow file attachments. The standard settings, available via the “Departments” tab >> Uploads, now include the option to impose a maximum limit of uploaded files as well.


RSTickets!Pro - maximum files allowed to be uploaded



5. Staff members can now get tickets assigned based on priority

Starting with RSTickets!Pro revision 8, you can enable a certain ticket priority for each configured staff member.
This option is available only for the auto-assignment ticket type and can be enabled from the "Staff members" tab.


RSTickets!Pro - assign tickets based on their priority


6. CC and BCC for departments

The notification emails have been improved with two new options, CC and BCC fields.


How to update to RSTickets!Pro revision 8

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Melinda Browning - 09.11.2011 (14:40:52)
RSTicketPro New Release

Hi RS Team,
These new features are fabulous! A couple of other features that would be useful (and apologies if RSTicketsPro already offer these features) for our purposes are:
A 'Related Tickets' function so people can view other similar issues prior to posting their own Ticket on an issue. A 'Category' of 'Ticket' for each Department that can be separately assigned to individual staff.




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