New payment methods, PDF tickets and more in RSEvents! rev 26

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RSEvents! revision 26 comes with loads of new features and improvements: PDF tickets, bar codes, Offline Payment Plugin, custom wire transfer, new booking options and many more.

1. RSEvents! PDF plugin: Create pdf tickets with bar codes for your users

Subscribers are now able to download and print the purchased tickets sent by the event organizer as .pdf attachments. Just install the RSEvents! PDF Plugin and enable the pdf functionality from the "Events" tab » Ticket layout.

When the {barcode} placeholder is used within the "Ticket layout" editor, the plugin generates a ticket barcode, displayed inside the .pdf ticket.



2. Offline payment mode

RSEvents! offers multiple payment methods, from credit card (Authorize.NET) to PayPal, 2Checkout, wire transfer and starting with this revision, offline payments, handled by the RSEvents! Offline payment plugin.
The plugin encryption algorithm allows you to securely store the subscribers credit card details for offline processing.

In frontend:


RSEvents rev 26 offline payment frontend


In backend:



3. Custom wire payments methods

The wire transfer functionality has been improved: now, you can create as many custom payments you wish. Additionally, all RSEvents! payments plugins have been grouped into the "Payments integrations" tab.



4. Early booking discount and late booking fee

Two new functionalities have been included to enhance the event registration process, early booking discount and late booking fee, each of them with three configurable properties: discount/fee type, value and a discount expiration date, respective the date when the fee becomes active.



5. Enable/Disable multiple tickets registration

If enabled from the "Settings" tab >> Event registration, subscribers will be able to purchase multiple ticket types in the same transaction.

6. Payment type

The default registration form payments can now be displayed in a radio group or dropdown.



7. Select the payment method per event

Each configured event can now have its own specific payment methods: Credit card, 2Checkout, PayPal, Offline payment or wire transfer.



8. Design parameter in the events listings view

The event listing menu item has a new parameter which will allow you to choose from 12 based xhtml and table designs, with 3 color variations (blue, dark, green) and a classic layout as well.

In frontend:



In backend:



9. Updates

We’ve also performed multiple improvements in order to enhance the overall registration process, updated several placeholders and included a new category module parameter.

Complete changelog
How to update to RSEvents! revision 26

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Mihaela - 21.11.2011 (01:43:07)

Hello Brian,

Yes, you can do this with RSForm!Pro. You can include images by adding HTML code in the checkbox label, something like this: Code :

value| html code for image here

If you have anymore questions, you can use our ticket system to contact our support team.

Best regards!


Bryan - 19.11.2011 (00:55:08)
Contact us not found so using this blog :(

I know this isn't the place for questions but I can't find a simple 'contact us' page on your entire site. Why not? It really makes me angry when companies do this.. :(

Usability please!

Second my actual question:

I am thinking of buying your extension: Rs form pro

I would like to know if it is possible to add images to checkboxes.

I want to use the form to show images of our products. The customer can then select the equipment they wish to enquire about.

Is this possible?

Thank you


Please delete this comment once you've read it. And please put a simple contact us link preferably in the top right hand corner.


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