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28 Jul 2010

RSFiles! - Joomla! file manager

We’ve launched today a new revision for RSFiles - rev. 4 with 5 new features, from which the most important are the Bookmarks.

1. Bookmarks for multiple file download

This option allows your users to bookmark files while surfing the website by clicking the “Bookmark” icon and download multiple files at once.

RSFiles! bookmark files

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20 Jul 2010

RSFeedback! - Joomla! Feedback extension

Last year we’ve implemented on our website a popular feedback system, because we’ve needed a way to gather all users suggestions and ideas.

After a while, some of our users expressed their desire to develop a feedback component. Because the idea became popular shortly after submission, we thought:
“Why not have our own Joomla! feedback extension?”
So we've accepted the project.

Users - vote, promote and spread ideas and suggestions

Why not allow your audience to express their ideas, suggestions and empower them to vote on your next projects or product features ?

Vote & Promote

RSFeedback! demonstrates its flexibility both in frontend as well as in the backend panel.
If allowed, users can add new categories, feedbacks or vote for the existing ones. Each user/guest can vote multiple times, depending on the maximum number of votes allowed by the administrator. This number can be configured from the backend panel, in the "Settings" tab.

RSFeedback! - screenshot with frontend feedback

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16 Jul 2010

RSEvents! - Joomla! event extension

The new RSEvents! rev. 17 comes with a multitude of added functionalities, of which the most important are:

1. Registered users : avatar , select name

Beginning with RSEvents! rev. 17, there are 3 more options available for registered users: you can enable avatars from Gravatar, JomSocial, Kunena, Fireboard and Community Builder, choose between Name, username or Community Builder fullname to be displayed, and link the user to the Community Builder, Joomunity or JomSocial profile.

To enable these settings, in the backend panel head to:
Components -> RSEvents! -> Settings -> Events -> Registered users details.

RSEvents! settings
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10 Jun 2010

RSMembership! - Joomla! membership! extension

The new RSMembership! revision comes with an important number of added functionalities : the One-Time Payment Settings option, the Custom fields tab and the Trial periods for memberships.

One-Time Payment Settings

Beginning with the rev. 11, you can find new options for one-time payment: you can set different prices for renewals, when creating a new membership in the Joomla! backend panel.

So, when a user wants to renew his membership, he can now pay a different price than he did the first time.

Also, here you can configure the membership coupon discounts - coupon codes and prices.

configure one time payment membership - Joomla! backend view

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28 May 2010

RSSeo! - Joomla! seo extension

The last 2 RSSeo! revisions have brought among new functionalities, some important crawler changes: the ability to use RSSeo! without loopback connections.

What does it mean?

To be able to analyze site pages, RSSeo! must first crawl your website. In order to perform this task, it requires at least one of the following functions to be enabled: cURL , fsockopen , fopen , file_get_contents. Most hosting providers impose some restrictions in using these, only allowing one of them and loopback connections. The last one (loopback), basically implies that a script can't get the content of page if the call to the function is made from the same host. You can imagine that this seriously affected the RSSeo! functionality, preventing the proper meta data management.

Beginning with RSSeo rev. 7 and 8, there are 2 more options available to run RSSeo!, besides using the loopback connections: connection via a configured proxy server and PHP exec function.

Recommended workflow:

Option 1: Loopback connections via cURL , fsockopen , fopen or file_get_contents

(available for all RSSeo! revisions)

This is part of the RSSeo! minimum requirements: to be able to run RSSeo! you must have enabled at least one of the following functions cURL , fsockopen , fopen , file_get_contents.
In case your hosting provider doesn't allow loopback connections, then head to the second option.

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