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13 Jan 2010

What do you expect ? Of course we value the opinions and feedbacks of ouRSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

r clients - we have released RSMembership! revision 9 which comes with new features added and improved functionality:

  • New user email texts are now configured in the RSMembership! language file.
    The reason this method was preferred over the Joomla standard user email is that if you were using automatic membership approval sometimes the link to the site was appended with the path to the Joomla administration panel that could confuse the end user.
  • Share any type of content with memberships.
    As RSMembership! users already know, for each membership you were able to share files and folders. With the new revision, you can share Joomla! articles, categories, sections and links.
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03 Nov 2009

Today we've released RSFirewall! Revision 9, which contains a new feature: it cleans the backdoored versions of Jumi from your website. You can read the changelog here.

RSFirewall! - Joomla! security extension

Jumi is a very popular Joomla! component, some of our customers being already affected by this backdoor - so we added this security measure as an extra protection layer to keep our customers' websites safe.

As usual, we advise you to run the System Check and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain a better security rating on your website, keep passwords safe and always be up to date with the latest software versions and the latest threats.

RSFirewall! System Check

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30 Oct 2009

We have released a new version of RSForm!Pro adding some new features to our Joomla! form manager including:RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

  • You can export unlimited amounts of submissions with the new Ajax based export tool
  • You can add multiple products in the RSForm!Pro - Paypal plugin
  • You can add extra characters to the existing validation rules
  • There is a new validation rule that accepts only the characters set by you
  • You can use placeholders for the file attachments

Need a Joomla! form manager? Discover RSForm!Pro on the RSJoomla! demo

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29 Oct 2009

Wondering why in the search engines index, your Joomla! links appear both with and without "www" ?
Until you set the preferred domain to tell search engines how to display URLs in their index, the website will have issues with duplicate content.

RSSeo! - Joomla! seo suite

SEO disadvantages:

The pagerank will be divided to both versions of the website.
Not to mention that spiders will have a harder time to discover the fresh content because they will be forced to index both versions of your Joomla! website. (spiders have limited bandwidth when crawling a website).

This duplicate content issue can be eliminated easily:

1. choose from Google Webmasters Tools the preferred domain
2. set a 301 redirect

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23 Oct 2009

Hackers, take overs, denials of service.. what a mess!

We launched RSFirewall! to secure Joomla! websites and it is doing a great job. We received a lot of feedbacks from happy customers that no longer have intrusion problems which makes us happy.alt

However, to those who got their Joomla! hacked, here's a small guide on what to do next:

How to repair a hacked Joomla! website:

  • Scan the website with the RSFirewall! security scanner for Joomla!. If the website was hacked, it will look for missing or modified Joomla! files, known Joomla! malware scripts, SQL injections and other vulnerabilities.

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