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What do you expect ? Of course we value the opinions and feedbacks of ouRSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

r clients - we have released RSMembership! revision 9 which comes with new features added and improved functionality:

  • New user email texts are now configured in the RSMembership! language file.
    The reason this method was preferred over the Joomla standard user email is that if you were using automatic membership approval sometimes the link to the site was appended with the path to the Joomla administration panel that could confuse the end user.
  • Share any type of content with memberships.
    As RSMembership! users already know, for each membership you were able to share files and folders. With the new revision, you can share Joomla! articles, categories, sections and links.
  • New screen for adding extra values.
    Improved backend user interface for sharing content.
  • Extra values can now be checked/selected by default.
    Flexibility is the key word for our Joomla! components. Extra values that come with a membership can now be shown already selected to the user: Components > RSMembership > Membership Extras > Membership Extra Value > Checked as default.

There are some (not many) users that are not that familiar with our components and Joomla itself. In most cases customer support is an essential part of the component - new Joomla video tutorials have been added:

A complete history of all RSMembership! cahnges can be found here.

To download the new release, please access your account and download RSMembership! from Customer Downloads area. Step by step instructions about how to update the component can be found in the RSMembership! documentation: Updating RSMembership!

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Alexandru Plapana - 28.04.2010 (08:13:32)
@stephen brown

Well, we are currently working on two new projects and a major update for RSTickets! but this is definitely going to be included in a future revision of RSMembership. It will most likely be provided under a integration between RSMembership and RSForm!Pro. Sadly i can't offer an estimate for this just yet.
However, in your case (for one or two fields), it can be done by actually renaming one of the existing fields that has no use for you. If you are a licensed user, submit a ticket to Tech Support and one of my colleagues will try to help out with this customization.


stephen brown - 22.04.2010 (13:10:36)

When is the custom subscriber fields comming? This is very important to gather information from the subscriber. I am looking for a way to add a drop-down list for what industry they are in, then in the members list I can organize them by industry. How can I do this?


Alex P. - 15.03.2010 (09:54:27)

All updates are properly tested before releasing to the public. If you have found a abnormality or a bug, please report it by submitting a ticket to TECH SUPPORT here: http://www.rsjoomla.com/customer-support/tickets.html
Thank you!


Vitor - 15.03.2010 (09:51:02)

I expect a stable version with all the features working properly


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