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04 Oct 2010

As we’ve accustomed lately, we’ve released a new RSForm!Pro revision, with some important functionalities, updated procedures and small fixes, most of all highly requested by our subscribers.

Here’s a list of the changes we’ve made in RSForm!Pro rev. 32:

1. Forms can now have AJAX validation

When the AJAX validation is active, the form fields will be validated in real-time without refreshing the page.

This option can be enabled in the “Manage forms” tab >> Edit Form >> Use AJAX validation.

RSForm!Pro Ajax Validation
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28 Sep 2010

Joomla! event extension

RSEvents! rev. 21 includes new event functionalities, for both, the backend panel (events from multiple categories, subcategory view), as well as for the frontend (location placeholders, ticket info, frontend subcategory view).

1. New placeholders, {LocationAddress} and {LocationCountry} in event layout

Besides the existing placeholders from the previous revisions (you’ll find the complete list here ), we’ve added 2 new ones, to specify the event location:

  • {LocationAddress} to specify the event address
  • {LocationCountry} to specify the event country

RSEvents! Location Address and Location Country placeholders

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23 Sep 2010

RSFiles! - Joomla! download extension

RSFiles! revision 5 comes with new file and notification email functionalities.

1. Report email

Besides the existing emails (admin, download and upload emails), a new one has beend added to notify the administrator about the user reported files - the “Report email”.

To enable the report email, in the backend Joomla! panel head to Components >> RSFiles! >> Settings >> Email >> Report email.

{Report}, the new placeholder added for the report email, returns the user text complaint.

RSFiles! - Report Email

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06 Sep 2010

RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

The new revision comes with new features for the subscriber’s email and the trial settings.

1. Expiration notification emails

Starting with rev. 13, subscribers can be notified when their membership is about to expire. This feature adds up to the existing subscriber emails sent on subscribe, renew and upgrade.

To edit the notification email, in the Joomla! backend panel head to:
Components >> RSMembership! >> Memberships >> Edit the membership for which you want to add notification email >> Subscriber’s email >> Click to edit the “Expiration Notify Email”

We've added a new placeholder, {interval}, which returns the remaining time until the membership expires.

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02 Sep 2010

RSTickets!Pro Joomla! help desk extension

We’ve been quite busy these days launching the new RSForm!Pro 1.3.0 , working on an important RSEvents! update and today, with the release of the new RSTickets!Pro revision.

RSTickets!Pro rev. 4 comes with fresh updates: improvements, minor bug fixes and new added features, some of them highly requested by our subscribers.

1. Backend ticket submission

Among other features from our TO DO list, we have chosen to include the ability to submit tickets directly from the backend.

Starting with rev. 4, the administrators and the staff members can submit tickets for a public user (a new account is created right after submission ) or on behalf of a registered user.

To submit a new ticket from the backend, head to Components >> RSTickets!Pro >> Manage Tickets >> click on the “New” icon from the right side of the panel.

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