RSMembership! rev. 13 is out - what’s new?

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RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

The new revision comes with new features for the subscriber’s email and the trial settings.

1. Expiration notification emails

Starting with rev. 13, subscribers can be notified when their membership is about to expire. This feature adds up to the existing subscriber emails sent on subscribe, renew and upgrade.

To edit the notification email, in the Joomla! backend panel head to:
Components >> RSMembership! >> Memberships >> Edit the membership for which you want to add notification email >> Subscriber’s email >> Click to edit the “Expiration Notify Email”

We've added a new placeholder, {interval}, which returns the remaining time until the membership expires.

Available placeholders for the notification email:

  • {membership} - returns name of the selected membership
  • {interval} - returns the expiration time
  • {extras} - returns the selected options
  • {email} - email address used for the subscription
  • {name} - registered name
  • {address}
  • {city}
  • {state}
  • {zip}
  • {country}

Notification email sent when his membership is about to expire

2. Trial settings: unique membership and no renewals

Besides configuring the trial price and period, which were included in the previous revisions, you can now set up other trial options. You can make trials unique, so customers will have to upgrade to paid once it expires.

The settings can be found in Components >> RSMembership! >> Memberships >> Membership information >> Trial settings.

configure trial memberships

Read the complete changelog

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Alexandru Plapana - 13.07.2011 (01:46:21)
@John Eastment


Unfortunately no, RSMembership! does not have an invoicing system just yet. However, all of our supported payment gateways (PayPal, 2CO and Authorize.NET) allow you to generate your own invoice.


John Eastment - 12.07.2011 (09:50:05)
Invoice to customer

ust looking at purchasing RSMembership. I was wondering if the component has an Invoice to customer function?


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