New RSFiles! release - rev. 5

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RSFiles! - Joomla! download extension

RSFiles! revision 5 comes with new file and notification email functionalities.

1. Report email

Besides the existing emails (admin, download and upload emails), a new one has beend added to notify the administrator about the user reported files - the “Report email”.

To enable the report email, in the backend Joomla! panel head to Components >> RSFiles! >> Settings >> Email >> Report email.

{Report}, the new placeholder added for the report email, returns the user text complaint.

RSFiles! - Report Email

2. Edit file in frontend

A new frontend file functionality has been added in the RSFiles! rev. 5.
If user groups have maintenance permissions, they can change file details after upload:

  • edit the file description
  • enable statistics
  • add file license
  • select the download method - by email or direct download, etc.

RSFiles! Edit files in frontend

3. Publish files

A new option has been included in the “Files” tab when the files/folders are displayed: publish/unpublish files or folders.

In the backend Joomla! panel, head to Components >> RSFiles! >> Files >> click on the right icon to publish/unpublish.

Click here to read the complete changelog.

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