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It's time to celebrate one of the oldest (actually, THE oldest) RSJoomla! template! What better way to do this if not with a facelift? Although we have used the same design principles, it was about time this template benefitted from the new features added to our framework.

RSJuno! v2 is here
09 Jun 2015 0 comments in Templates
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Some of you might have noticed some issues with Google Calendar synchronization or when trying to invite your Gmail contacts to an event.

In the past few days, Google implemented some changes that affected RSEvents!Pro usage as well. RSEvents!Pro version 1.8.19 was released to address this.

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A new version of RSComments! has been released! A new design for the Joomla! 3.x version, rich snippets and few other improvements have made their way in this release. Read on for more information!

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Prometheus was said to have given us fire to warm us up; Alexander Fleming is known to have given us penicillin to cure our diseases; and the Joomla development team has given us, and is still providing us with, one of the handiest CMS to simplify moving our business and hobbies online, and to help us blossom and flourish. Whether you are going to create a website for your customer or for yourself (blog, news website, magazine, portfolio, restaurant, pet-related site, travel website and so on) Joomla would be a great choice, which will help you save time and effort.

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The RSBrixton! Joomla! template design provides flow to your brand and product presentation. Besides the intuitive responsive design quality, RSBrixton! also brings a electric fresh feel with its modern layout style and colour palette making quite an impression on new viewers. Read on for more information!

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