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Some of you might have noticed some issues with Google Calendar synchronization or when trying to invite your Gmail contacts to an event.

In the past few days, Google implemented some changes that affected RSEvents!Pro usage as well. RSEvents!Pro version 1.8.19 was released to address this.

Importing events - Google Calendar to RSEvents!Pro

Though the import process remains the same, some extra steps are required to set obtain valid API keys. The complete process is described in detail here.

Send event invitation to your Gmail contacts

Allowing users to issue event invites to their Gmail contacts, will also require these API keys. Step by step tutorial can be found in this article.

How to update?

There are two ways of updating your extension, both explained here. If you are in need of a subscription, you can purchase one from the product page.

Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

Suggest a feature!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. If you have suggestions for new features, please use the feedback section.

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