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in RSEvents!Pro on 16 Jun 2015 having 2 comments

As with all our projects, progress is based on the community's needs. We gather data through our forum, pre-sale department, feedback and depending on some factors (such as their use-case scenario, community's response) we push them on the "TO-DO" board. For example, this forum post caught our attention regarding the flexibility of displaying the events created in RSEvents!Pro. We gave it some thought and we decided to create the NEW RSEvents!Pro Events Module and improve the Content Plugin! to display your events in an effective and engaging way.

What's new
  • Events Module

You will be able to display your website events in an effective way, using configuration parameters from the backend. You can filter the result by tags, categories, location, type and so on. You can find more information in the documentation article.

What's improved
  • Content Plugin has been improved, its functionality extended to allow flexibility in displaying events in your articles using a simple and intuitive syntax e.g.:
  • {rseventspro type="thisweek" ordering="name" order="ASC" limit="5"}

More information is provided in the documentation article.

How to get it

Access to the download section of RSEvents!Pro is granted to users that own an active subscription of the component, you can download it from the Downloads section. If you are in need of a subscription, you can purchase one from the product page.

Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

If there's anything you think that should be implemented in future releases, be it a brand-new feature or an improvement for an existing one, don't hesitate to tell us about it in the Feedback section!

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Alexandru Plapana - 16.06.2015 (08:53:36)

This isn't something a quick template override couldn't adjust...


David Unwin - 16.06.2015 (08:44:50)
New Events Module

Downloaded the new module. Love the new options ie display this weeks's events. Would be nice if you could have the option to display the event image or not.


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