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16 Jun 2015

As with all our projects, progress is based on the community's needs. We gather data through our forum, pre-sale department, feedback and depending on some factors (such as their use-case scenario, community's response) we push them on the "TO-DO" board. For example, this forum post caught our attention regarding the flexibility of displaying the events created in RSEvents!Pro. We gave it some thought and we decided to create the NEW RSEvents!Pro Events Module and improve the Content Plugin! to display your events in an effective and engaging way.

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30 Jan 2015

Although there is no direct integration between RSFiles! and RSMembership! you can use the core functionalities of the components to achieve this particular scenario. In this article you can find a step by step guide on how to structure the RSFiles! folders and how to use the Shared Content functionality of RSMembership! to this extent.

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