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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

Today, we've released a brand new Joomla! System Plugin - the RSForm! Pro Plugin.

What does the RSForm! Pro System Plugin do ?

The System Plugin works exactly like the Content Plugin (known until now as mosrsform) - it displays the specified form wherever it finds the right syntax {rsform [number]}.
The limitation of the Content Plugin however, was that it only worked with Joomla! articles. This means that if you wanted to use a Custom HTML module, a 3rd party component that loaded the Joomla! article directly from the database, it would not work.
With the RSForm! Pro System Plugin, this limitation is lifted. It will work regardless of where the {rsform [number]} syntax is found.

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Today we've launched the 22nd revision of RSForm! Pro, bringing a newRSForm!Pro - Joomla form manager

feature: generating XHTML compliant tableless layouts.

The new layout is called "Inline (XHTML)" and uses a series of list items to define the components, instead of table rows, like the "Inline" layout does. The layout has been tested with Joomla!'s Milkyway and Purity templates, both of which have passed the XHTML 1.0 Transitional specifications.
Feel free to help us improve RSForm! Pro and help the community by specifying new Web 2.0 style approaches to form handling and form appearance.

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RSJoomla! - Joomla! extensions

Things are moving really fast here at, and while working on RSEvents! and moving to a bigger office, we have decided to launch a new service for our clients, the RSJoomla!TV.

Our main target is to create at least an episode each week related mostly to our products. You'll be able to watch our Joomla! video tutorials archive(I like to call them episodes) and learn from the basics to advanced customizations of our products.

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New RSForm!Pro backup and restore optionThe new RSForm!Pro 1.2.0 version now lets you backup independent forms. You can even choose whether you want to backup also the submissions or only the forms you have created.

In the new version there is also the option to append backed up forms to the existing ones.

We are creating a library of free downloadable form examples for RSForm!Pro that you will be able to install in your Joomla!.

This library will contain nice form designs and small customization scripts such as dynamic dropdown creation, country and state selectors, multi-page form examples and much more.

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We are happy to announce that your RSForm!Pro links will be search engine friendlier now that we've released the plugins for sh404SEF. RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

Integrating RSForm! Pro with sh404SEF has never been easier - the plugins are available for free to download.


To download the plugin, log into your RSJoomla! account, then head to Resources -> Customer Downloads -> RSForm!Pro -> RSForm!Pro files -> 3rd Party -> sh404SEF Plugin for Joomla! 1.5

Also, you will find here the Artio JoomSEF 2.x and Artio JoomSEF 3.x plugins for RSForm!Pro.

20 Feb 2009 14 comments in RSForm!Pro
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