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RSSeo! - Joomla! seo extension

The new revision comes with some new functionalities, fixes and improvements, from which the most important are the keyword attributes, sitemap protocol and the updated Joomfish integration.

1. Keyword attributes

The attributes option, included in RSSeo! rev. 9, enhances the existing keywords functionalities.
In the newly created configuration option, you can add attributes, javacript codes/triggers, styles and classes.

Keyword attributes examples:

The target attribute:

RSSeo! keyword attributes - target

The Javascript attribute

RSSeo! keyword attributes - javascript

The style attribute

RSSeo! keyword attributes - style

The class attribute

RSSeo! keyword attributes - class

2. Protocol in sitemap

The protocol from the sitemap feature is useful, especially when your website has both "http" and "https" versions of URLs.
The option has been included in the “Sitemap” tab, thus you can choose to generate the sitemap with “http” or “https”.

RSSeo! sitemap protocol

3. Integration with Joomfish

RSSeo! went through a series of code optimization to improve the Joomfish integration performance.

View the complete changelog here.

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Alexandru Plapana - 25.11.2010 (01:55:46)

In previous versions there were some issues with Joomfish in some special configuration cases. All of these have been improved/resolved (source code optimizations).

There is no specific configuration needed to get this going if this is what you are asking.


Felipe Meyer - 24.11.2010 (11:09:50)
joomfish integration

Can you be more specific on what you mean about the Joomfish integration performance?


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