Event subcategories and a brand new rating system in RSEvents! 1.2.0

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Joomla! event extension

We’ve put a lot of passion in the new RSEvents! 1.2.0 to bring some highly requested features as the event subcategories, the rating system, the new design and email placeholders and a real-time event search module that uses Ajax technology.

Besides the added functionalities, RSEvents! has undergone through a series of code optimization for better performance.

1. Subcategories

The new RSEvents! 1.2.0 comes with an important backend functionality - ability to organize events in subcategories.

Subcategories can be displayed in frontend using the menu item “List Item from a category”, allowing you to select both categories and subcategories.

Create event subcategories:

RSEvents! - create event categories

2. Rating system

Starting with RSEvents! 1.2.0, the event subscribers can offer valuable feedback trough the new rating system and classify events from poor to excellent.

Frontend rating system:

RSEvents! - event rating system

To enable the rating system, in the backend Joomla! panel head to Components >> RSEvents! >> Settings >> Events. In the “Event sharing and rating” tab, set the Enable rating system to “Yes”.

Rating system settings:

RSEvents! - enable the event rating system

3. New search module with ajax

For real-time results, we’ve added an Ajax search module that shows events as you type.


Access your RSJoomla! account and head to Resources >> Customer downloads >> RSEvents! membership >> Downloads >> RSEvents! files >> Modules >> Ajax Search Module.

Download Ajax Search Module:

Download the RSEvents! Ajax Search Module


The module installs same as the component, trough the default Joomla! installer. In the Joomla! backend panel, head to Extensions >> Install/Uninstall >> Browse the mod_rsevents_ajax_search.zip package >> Upload

How to use it?

Very simple: just make sure that the RSEvents! Ajax Search module is published in the Module Manager, in the desired positions.

Search module frontend view:

RSEvents! Ajax Search Module - Joomla! frontend panel

Additionally, you can set the Module Class Suffix: allows you to add a class suffix option so you can better control the appearance of your module, the Itemid: static item id so you facilitate the menu selection and the Limit (10 is the default value).

Search module settings:

RSEvents! Ajax Search Module parameters

4. New placeholders

We’ve added 4 new placeholders to complete the existing email and design functionalities: {TicketPrice}, {TicketsTotal} , {TicketsAvailable}, {EventSharing}

For registration and activation emails:

  • {TicketPrice} - returns the ticket price
  • {TicketsTotal} - returns the total price of the tickets

For the design mode:

  • {TicketsAvailable} - show how many tickets are available (in design mode)
  • {EventSharing} - shows facebook share , facebook like , twitter & buzz (design mode)

Read more about placeholders.

5. Recurring events in frontend

This pretty flexible option allows you to configure repeating events at a certain time period. For the recurring event, you can choose the time unit ,the repeating week days or a certain date.

RSEvents! - set recurring events

Read the complete changelog

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