RSForm!Pro Mailchimp Integration

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RSForm!Pro integration with Mailchimp

We’ve released today a new RSForm!Pro Plugin addressed to Mailchimp subscribers that allows you to integrate your custom newsletter forms with the email-marketing manager.

You will be able to create subscription forms, pass users data to your Mailchimp account and assign them to the existing lists and groups.


  • RSForm!/Pro 1.3.0 rev. 31, at least
  • an active Mailchimp account
  • the RSForm!Pro Mailchimp plugin

How to use it?

Step 1: Download

Access your RSJoomla! account and download the Mailchimp plugin from Resources >> Customer Downloads >> RSForm!Pro membership >> Downloads >> RSForm!Pro files >> Plugins >> Mailchimp plugin

Step 2: Install the plugin

The Mailchimp plugin installs same as the component does, trough the default Joomla! installer. Backend Joomla! panel >> Extensions >> Install/Uninstall >> Browse the package >> Upload

Step 3:Create the subscription form

Head to the "Manage forms" tab and create a subscription form similar to the above example.

Joomla! subscription form for Mailchimp


  • The checkbox group: collects subscribers data about users newsletter interests and pass them further to Interest Groups from Mailchimp
  • The subscribe/unsubscribe radio group: in this example, subscribers use the same form to subscribe /unsubscribe to newsletter.
  • The email type radio group: users select the newsletter format html, text or for mobile.

Step 4: Create Mailchimp list and groups

The Mailchimp plugin automatically ads subscribers details in your configured lists and groups.

Create subscribers list

On the Mailchimp dashboard, you’ll find a wizard that will guide you in creating lists and groups.
Click on the “Start” button and fill the required data (list name, email, etc).

create Mailchimp subscribers list

Create Interest Groups

Each Mailchimp list can have several Interest Groups, thus subscribers can receive newsletters based on their form input.

e.g. A user will be assigned to both Groups, if he’s interested in baseball and F1.

Mailchimp interest groups

Step 5: Add the API key

To be able to use the integration, you need first to get an API key from your Mailchimp account.

Head to your Account menu, select “api keys and info” option and generate a new API key.

In the backend Joomla!/panel, head to Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Configuration >> Mailchimp, as shown below.

Add the Mailchimp api key into the RSForm!Pro Configuration tab

Step 6: Configure the Mailchimp plugin

The final step before subscribers can use the newsletter form is to configure the Mailchimp plugin.

RSForm!Pro Mailchimp integration tab

In the “Manage forms” tab, edit the subscription form and click on the Mailchimp integration tab.

Enable the integration and select the Mailchimp list where you want to add the subscribers.

Choose the subscribe/unsubscribe options and map the RSForm!Pro fields with the Mailchimp list fields, respective with the Mailchimp Interest Groups.

Verify the subscriber data

The subscriber will be added in the Mailchimp lists after the user confirms the subscription.
Mailchimp sends first a notification email to subscribers. After confirmation, the Mailchimp plugin adds the subscriber details in the list and chosen groups.

For those who prefer videos, a tutorial, with in-depth explanations, is available on RSJoomla! TV:
Ep. 33 - Using RSForm!Pro with Mailchimp

As an alternative to the Mailchimp integration, you can use the RSForm!Pro RSMail! integration.

What solution do you prefer the most for your newsletter campaigns: a native Joomla! newsletter extension or external/stand-alone newsletter service ?

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Alexandru Plapana - 28.09.2012 (03:09:08)

Yes, of course. You can simply set the items something like this:

subscribe|Yes, i want to subscribe
unsubscribe|No, i don't want to subscribe


Jon - 27.09.2012 (10:53:08)
Subscribe/Unsubscribe custom verbiage

Is there a way to include custom verbiage by the radio buttons. I do not want the button to be captioned, "unsubscrib e," instead I need it to say, "No, I do not want to receive emails."


Amanda Watson - 14.05.2012 (03:51:10)
Help with integration with mailchimp

Hi there, On this form here, you will see I have a subscribe/unsubscribe button within my form. I also have an email field.
Is there anyway that if the subscribe button is selected within this form, that the email is passed to mailchimp?

You will also see on that page there is a mailchimp module that has the subscribe to newsletter simply placed in a module, so I sort of want to simply add that within my contact form...does that make it possible to do easily.

Can you outline the steps I need to do.,..

I followed the steps, added the API and activated the mailchimp plugin, but when I fill in the form, the email doesn't get passed into that because I need a list for the subscribers to be added to? Why don't I need that in the mailchimp side module?

I hope you can help?


Matt Klein - 20.07.2011 (18:38:11)
MailChimp Integration

I had a quick question... I have been trying to get RSForm Pro to work with MailChimp... I've followed all the instructions with creating groups and all that. However, whenever I get to the back-end I don't have an option to choose which group the form is assigned to... what am i doing wrong?


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