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In order to gain new clients and loyalize them your must communicate with them regularly as a business, just like you keep in touch with your family and friends as an individual. As proved over the years, the most effective way to communicate with clients is via email and we are going to explain why. Emails are not intrusive for the receiver and depending on the time of contact, emails can be specially catered so that they bring maximum results.

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Ever wanted to send notifications / emails to your subscribers after a certain period since they subscribed to your memberships? You're in luck as an integration between RSMembership! and RSMail! is available, allowing you to follow-up on your interested audience.

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RSMail! 1.21.0 is out. The component received a big upgrade in functionality and utility by allowing your users to subscribe to multiple lists from within its own module, it will generate reports on follow-ups and record the average opening time of emails per subscriber giving you the option to use this time when creating scheduled email sessions. Last, but not least, the Joomla! updater integration - simplifying the tedious job of updating components.

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Having a large database of users for your newsletter campaign is a good way of increasing your site's revenue, but the most crucial part is keeping your subscribers happy. Sending newsletter messages that are not relevant to the subscriber's interests is not a good practice. In order to help you better target your newsletter audience, RSMail! offers the possibility to trim down your general list using the filtering system available in the Subscribers tab and send the newsletter message only to the filtered users. This way you can easily target the subscribers that will receive the message without needing to create separate lists for each interest field.

RSMail! send targeted message
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RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

The new RSMail! revision comes with new features - error report, unsubscribers view and improvements for the template manager, subscribers view and bounce emails.

1. Improved the "Templates" manager

The “Templates" manager has been improved.
Starting with RSMail! rev. 10, when creating a new template, you can add the newsletter text version and the HTML version, using a WYSIWYG editor.

RSMail! templates

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