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I’m sure you've already noticed on our website, the RSFeedback! window where users can submit their feedbacks and suggestions.

We've designed in a similar way an excellent feedback module where users can easily submit any Joomla! form created with RSForm!Pro (either by opening the form in a lightbox/modal window, in the same page or in a new page).

1. Download the RSForm!Pro Feedback Module

Access your account and download the RSForm!Pro Feedback module from Resources >> Customer Downloads >> RSForm!Pro Files >> Modules

24 Nov 2010 2 comments in RSForm!Pro
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RSForm!Pro revision 33

The new RSform!Pro revision (33) comes with new features and configuration options that extend the horizon of form builders. So, what did the development team prepared for your in this revision ?

1. Improved RSForm!Pro Salesforce plugin

The new improved Web2Lead RSform!Pro Salesforce plugin includes some additional fields (description, mobile, fax, website, salutation, revenue, employees). A long requested feature for this plugin was the possibility to use the Salesforce custom fields. Yes, we have added this as well. At the bottom of the Salesforce Integration tab, you can simply click on the Add custom field button, set up its name and value, and RSform!Pro will handle the rest.

RSForm!Pro Salesforce custom fields
21 Oct 2010 11 comments in RSForm!Pro
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As we’ve accustomed lately, we’ve released a new RSForm!Pro revision, with some important functionalities, updated procedures and small fixes, most of all highly requested by our subscribers.

Here’s a list of the changes we’ve made in RSForm!Pro rev. 32:

1. Forms can now have AJAX validation

When the AJAX validation is active, the form fields will be validated in real-time without refreshing the page.

This option can be enabled in the “Manage forms” tab >> Edit Form >> Use AJAX validation.

RSForm!Pro Ajax Validation
04 Oct 2010 2 comments in RSForm!Pro
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RSForm!Pro integration with Mailchimp

We’ve released today a new RSForm!Pro Plugin addressed to Mailchimp subscribers that allows you to integrate your custom newsletter forms with the email-marketing manager.

You will be able to create subscription forms, pass users data to your Mailchimp account and assign them to the existing lists and groups.


  • RSForm!/Pro 1.3.0 rev. 31, at least
  • an active Mailchimp account
  • the RSForm!Pro Mailchimp plugin

How to use it?

Step 1: Download

Access your RSJoomla! account and download the Mailchimp plugin from Resources >> Customer Downloads >> RSForm!Pro membership >> Downloads >> RSForm!Pro files >> Plugins >> Mailchimp plugin

Step 2: Install the plugin

The Mailchimp plugin installs same as the component does, trough the default Joomla! installer. Backend Joomla! panel >> Extensions >> Install/Uninstall >> Browse the package >> Upload

Step 3:Create the subscription form

Head to the "Manage forms" tab and create a subscription form similar to the above example.

Joomla! subscription form for Mailchimp

16 Sep 2010 4 comments in RSForm!Pro
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In the last part of this article we'll show you how to custRSForm!Pro PayPal plugin

omize, using an example, the Joomla! forms created with RSForm!Pro,so you can build a small shopping cart.

To install the example, in the backend panel, head to Components -> RSForm!Pro ->Backup/Restore. After the form restore, you will find the Custom PayPal example in the Manage Forms tab. Note that you will need at least RSForm!Pro revision 28.

Download RSForm!Pro custom PayPal example

17 May 2010 42 comments in RSForm!Pro
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