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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

I’m sure you've already noticed on our website, the RSFeedback! window where users can submit their feedbacks and suggestions.

We've designed in a similar way an excellent feedback module where users can easily submit any Joomla! form created with RSForm!Pro (either by opening the form in a lightbox/modal window, in the same page or in a new page).

1. Download the RSForm!Pro Feedback Module

Access your account and download the RSForm!Pro Feedback module from Resources >> Customer Downloads >> RSForm!Pro Files >> Modules

2. Install the module

After downloading the package, install it in the backend panel using the default Joomla! Installer.

3. Publish the module

The RSForm!Pro feedback module is pretty flexible: it allows administrators to set the module position, the modal width and height, font size, text position and color, background and border color, the image type and other.

Head to the “Module Manager” area, publish it in a module position and select the form which you want to display in the modal window.

Read the documentation

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Alan Sparkes - 24.11.2010 (04:30:54)

Actualy its fien - I had mootools disabled:cool:: cool:


Alan Sparkes - 24.11.2010 (04:28:21)
Modal on joomla templates

Doesnt look like modal works on my local install of joomla templates


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