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We are glad to announce that our team has developed another Joomla! Template, this time especially for magazine, blog and news websites, RSNoticia! This is the ultimate News Joomla! Template, it is clean, super flexible, responsive and it's the most easy-to use theme on the market!

16 Nov 2016 2 comments in Templates
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RSMalta! Banner

We are happy to introduce you to our latest Joomla! Template - RSMalta!, a template that comes with a clean design and new features such as a built-in page builder, mega menu integration and content transitions.

04 Aug 2016 1 comments in Templates
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RSEvents!Pro Shopping cart

Improving the functionality of our components is an ongoing quest here at RSJoomla!. We learned a lot from our RSEvents!Pro experience together with our customer feedback and we decided that we can do better. This is how the RSEvents!Pro Cart Plugin was born.

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We are happy to announce that the RSForm!Pro functionality has been improved and now questions like: How can I send SMS notifications? or How can I integrate Google Analytics in the form? finally have an answer.

30 Mar 2016 0 comments in RSForm!Pro
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Love, love, loooove!

This weekend is all about celebrating what and who we love. Though we won’t be able to find your soulmate, we can share our love for Joomla! with you.

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