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Put them all toghether and you get RSMembership!. Our subscriptions manager will amaze you with the variety of features that help you make a membership based website out of Joomla! RSMembership! - Joomla! membership extension

With RSMembership! you can create subscriptions based on a period of time and add options that have their own price.

RSMembership! also lets you share various folders on your server(even private folders) for each membership package.

14 Oct 2009 0 comments in RSMembership!
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Yes! the Joomla! SEO revolution has just started with RSSeo! The most advanced SEO tool for Joomla! is born and it's ready to increase your website traffic.RSSeo! - Joomla! seo extension

RSSeo! has all the features that you need to optimize your Joomla! website and to monitor it and your competitors.

First, it will crawl your website and index all the pages. Then you'll be able to immediately improve each page.

Also, say hello to the first Joomla! Google and Yahoo! sitemap generator. Yes, RSSeo! has that too!

You can quickly set each page title, meta description and keywords and you'll get a real-time report on what you should change to make the page SEO friendly.

07 Oct 2009 7 comments in RSSeo!
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Today, we have released revision 7 for RSFirewall that comes, among other improvements, with:alt

  • Password strength tester in com_users
  • Display CAPTCHA after multiple unsuccessful attempts to login
  • No more scanning uninstalled components
  • Ability to ignore modified/missing files during System Check, etc

Click here to see the full list of improvements on RSFirewall! changelog.

Discover RSFirewall! features and test them on our demo server or download the tryout from Resources -> Free Downloads

24 Sep 2009 0 comments in RSFirewall!
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Your boss is not pleased with the marketing reports from the last month and gave you a new task: to increase the website conversion rate...

To get the visitors attention, you decide to start an email campaign and schedule a monthly newsletter for your subscribers.RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

You have written the perfect newsletter, with effective calls to action, but the deadline given by your boss expires in 15 minutes because you have wasted precious time finding a good newsletter extension and you haven't found yet one to rely on.

Moreover, now you need one that's easy to configure, that won't require any HTML knowledge or time to learn before sending emails.
Finally, you find RSMail! and you decide to use it for the new email campaign.

21 Aug 2009 3 comments in RSMail!
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Since the first part of the article "10 security mistakes to avoid in Joomla!" was a real success, we are really excited about writing another set of mistakes commonly found on customer Joomla! websites .RSFirewall! - Joomla! security extension

In the first part we wrote about the importance of updating to the latest version of Joomla!, about files permissions, folders permissions, file uploads and keeping the public folder clean.

20 Aug 2009 6 comments in RSFirewall!
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