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That's how one of our clients approached us while seeking for a Joomla! event manager. The request really blend in with RSEvents!. The client was looking for a few weeks to add an event planner to it's Joomla! based biker club, but trying the existing solutions, he didn't find one to solve it's puzzle.

So it was late afternoon when we received a ticket stating somethinRSEvents! - Joomla! event calendar extension

g like: "Guys, I need a Joomla! event extension that has:

  • A calendar view to quickly find upcoming bike meetings
  • A google maps integration to pinpoint the location of future biker gatherings
  • A way of allowing bikers to register to the event, but by filling additional custom fields
  • And it would be nice, but not mandatory to have a way of inviting my google contacts to the event

21 May 2009 6 comments in RSEvents!
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So here you are, looking for an event management extension for Joomla!... one that maybe can let invite people to the concerts that you are organizing?

And maybe RSEvents! - frontend viewyou also need to set up tickets with limitation on seats and different prices?

Of course, you'll be looking to enhance the event page with youtube videos, music samples or flickr photo albums.

16 May 2009 3 comments in RSEvents!
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RSJoomla! demoOne of the great pluses Joomla! has amongst other CMS is the great flexibility you get using a Joomla! module inside a Joomla! module position. Thinking that you can put Joomla! modules wherever you want using the Joomla! module positions and publish them only on some of your menu items, is just great!

So, what's a Joomla! module position?

Think at a Joomla! module position as a fixed place on your website where, depending on the page that you are visiting, you can publish certain things such as a login form, a contact form, or a sub-menu for instance.

11 May 2009 4 comments in Uncategorized
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I know why you are here. You probably are building a Joomla! based website and you found out that the default Joomla! contact form is way to limited for your needs. RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

That's why we created RSForm!Pro. Our Joomla! contact form builder not only helps you create contact forms in your Joomla! based website quickly and without any programming knowledge, but it also comes with a full range of features, that are easy to access and user friendly!

Perhaps you need more than just a Joomla! Contact form?!

With RSForm!Pro you can send e-mail to submitters and to your staff members at the same time, you can add anti-spam checks and make the form blend with the looks of your Joomla! website in no time

07 May 2009 3 comments in RSForm!Pro
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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

While developing Joomla! websites for your customers you often probably needed a contact form. Here's what you should consider when choosing the right Joomla! form builder:

1. Is it easy to use?

Often Joomla! Form builders are made from the programmer's point of view, thus requiring you to read entire documentation articles and have complex HTML knowledge to be able to create fields and set up the layout.

RSForm!Pro keeps the layout simple. You have a single page where you can add, edit, delete and change order to your form fields. Another really helpful feature is the pre-defined layouts that help you change the form layout on the run, simply by clicking on one of them.

30 Apr 2009 3 comments in RSForm!Pro
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