New designs and customizable themes in RSEvents! revision 23

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Joomla! event calendar extension

We’re happy to announce the release of a new RSEvents! revision with
exciting new features and design improvements: a brand new dashboard, new designs, customizable themes and an integration with the Google Calendar and Facebook events.

1. New event designs

RSEvents! rev. 23 comes with major design improvements: new designs, customizable event themes and new calendar themes.

We've replaced the old event templates with a set of 4 new professional designs (blue, dark, green and pink) along with 2 classic styles, specially designed to fit into any site layout.

RSEvents! event designs

Check the designs documentation!

2. Customizable event themes

You’ll find the customizable themes included in the new RSEvents! revision quite flexible and easy to use by all users, regarding of their CSS and HTML knwoledges.
Besides the predefined themes with one, two or three columns, you can also create and customize your own themes based on the information you need to display on the event page.

RSEvents! customizable event themes

Check the themes documentation!

3. New calendar themes

The RSEvents! Calendar Module and the Calendar Menu Item have a fresh new look thanks to our newest set of themes added in RSEvents! revision 23: default, blue, dark, pink and green.

RSEvents! calendar themes

4. New RSEvents! dashboard

We have replaced the old "Overview" tab with a customizable dashboard, where you cand display the event information you need the most.

Here, you can show the latest event subscribers and comments, the upcoming events module and our newest syncronization module, which allows you to import events from Facebook and Google Calendar to RSEvents!. Furthermore, you can use the "drag and drop" option to quickly arrange the modules on the dashboard.

RSEvents! customizable dashboard

Check the dashboard documentation!

5. Google Calendar and Facebook Events integration

Thanks to the new Synchronization Module located on the RSEvents! dashboard, you can now import the Google calendar and the Facebook events within a click.

RSEvents! integration with Google calendar and Facebook events

Video: How to import Facebook events to RSEvents!

6. New Host and the Guest Menu modules

RSEvents! has 2 specific menus: a guest menu, accessible to public users and a host menu, which can only be accessed by the event creators (including administrators).

To offer an increased frontend flexibility, we have replaced the host and the guest menus with 2 new modules - RSEvents! Host Menu and Guest Menu, both available in the “Module Manager” area.

RSEvents! host and guest menu modules

Test RSEvents! rev. 23 on our demo!

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joomla website development - 20.04.2011 (06:20:50)

I love your RSSearch. Let me try this first. I would like to thank for the effort your have taken for sharing this information.


Keith - 30.03.2011 (06:36:31)

I assume that is where I have to set up a hidden menu. where in the RSSearch do I insert the ID? I can't find that.


Alexandru Plapana - 30.03.2011 (02:15:09)


If you have a different template that you wish to assign to the search result page, you will need to specify an itemid parameter. We made some adjustments to the RSSearch! source code to try to inherit an itemid parameter, from the page where the search is made.


Keith - 29.03.2011 (22:31:46)
Follow Up

Like your RSForm. Trying the RSSearch but can seem to get the form action to display the output on my search result template. Is there something I need to do? Thanks in advance.


Mihaela - 17.03.2011 (04:11:02)

Hello Sven,

We've updated several files on this area. The download link is working now.

Best regards!


Sven Kierdorf - 17.03.2011 (03:58:38)

The download link doesn't work :(


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