The RSMembership! 2Checkout plugin has been updated

in RSMembership! on 24 Mar 2011 having 0 comments

RSMembership! integration with 2Checkout

We've updated the RSMembership! 2Checkout plugin to be compatible with the latest changes made by the payment service regarding the way that handles
the automated order process.

So, what's new in the RSMembership! 2Checkout plugin?

Basically, the plugin configuration remained the same: you will still be required to set the 2Checkout Id, secret word, routine and mode in the "Plugin Manager" area.

The only diferrence between the old and the new plugin is that now you'll need to specify an "Instant Notification URL" in your 2Checkout vendor account, in the "Account" tab >> Notifications.

For example, if your website domain is, you will need to enter in the 2Checkout Account tab >> Notifications, the following URL:

2Checkout Instant Notification Settings

More information about the Instant Notification URL, you'll find on the 2Checkout website.

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