RSDirectory! look and usability considerably improved - Check out version 1.6.0

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Looks aren't everything, but they do make a difference. Even the slightest change might affect how users behave on certain pages. We took the time, listened to your feedback and RSDirectory! got itself an update.

RSDirectory! version 1.6.0

Having a look at the RSDirectory! 1.6.0 changelog might be intimidating, but this will prove that we did take the time to set things right and solve some of the reported inconveniences no matter how small. In fact, there were lots of them, small but for some of you these proved annoying.

We worked hard on this particular update and we have been testing it for a while. If you notice anything out of place, please don't hesitate to contact our Tech-support department. We are humans you know. Let's get down to it then.

Entry Rich Snippets usage

In a previous blog post we covered the importance and SEO implications of using Rich Snippets / Microformats wherever possible. It was a matter of time until this was available in RSDirectory! too. The Offer format was selected for the entry details, but others were used too: Product and List Item.

RSDirectory! Rich Snippets

New RSDirectory! modules: Map Search module and More from this user

Some of you may say that RSDirectory! already incorporated a Map Radius Search menu item, and you would be right. We simply ported the functionality to a standard Joomla! module as well. More flexibility, more happy faces.

RSDirectory! Map Search module output

You can learn everything about the module, starting from installation to configuration from its documented article.

A new addition to the component modules is the More from this user module. Although simple, this provides a very important functionality to your listing, publish a list of other entries submitted by the current entry owner.

RSDirectory! More from this user module

The full list of configuration options can be read in the modules description article.

RSDirectory! Entries Carousel improvements

Though not a new module, some new parameters were added, such as: Display publishing date, Author (with link), Category, Expiry date, Big subtitle, Small subtitle. Most of these could have been implemented with template overrides, but not all of you are that comfortable in working with code. Complete instructions are available here.

RSDirectory! Entries Carousel Module

OK, what else?

  • Configurable Radius search circle color
  • new Font Awesome icons
  • Category color options and hierarchy
  • Better SEF URLs generation
  • The RSDirectory! Filtering module offers a new price range filter and also the possibility to display the number of items per category
  • Layout improvements made to the Category module

The Changelog will provide more insight on this.

Joomla! updater integration

It is important to have your Joomla! site updated at all times. This saves you a lot of trouble in the long run. Starting from the RSDirectory! version 1.5.16 you can see updates and apply them directly from your Joomla! install. The updates tutorial explains the overall process.


Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

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OK, you get it, we have been busy, but we aren't finished with RSDirectory! just yet. Stay tuned for some interesting releases. Who knows... maybe a new template? ...with some features especially designed for RSDirectory!? What do you think?

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Alexandru Plapana - 15.10.2015 (04:50:21)

I guess that would be useful, but, personally i don't believe in having a specialized app just to be able to perform uploads. From my point of view this is a shortcoming of the browsers that operate in the mentioned devices.


Christopher Most - 14.10.2015 (10:11:19)
DSDirectory! Suggestion

This looks perfect to use on a domain I have. However I would like to suggest something. It would be nice to have a app for both iOS and Android that can work with RSDirectory! This way people can take pictures with their phone, iPad, etc. and just upload the picture and information to the site. I am sure people would pay to have an app like this customized for their site. Just a suggestion.



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