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Today is quite a special day for us. Although we have released many revisions for our existing components, we have not released an all-new extension in a while now. As you might have already noticed, we have recently announced the future release of RSDirectory!, our directory management system specially built for Joomla! 3.x. With great pleasure, we are excited to finally present to you what has secretly been in the making.

Although this is merely the component's first version, it offers a complex solution for implementing a well-built web directory of any kind. Here's a general view of its capabilities:

Category Management

RSDirectory! allows creating an unlimited number of categories (which, if needed, can be further organized into category trees that span to unlimited levels), in order to ease browsing through entries for both backend and frontend users. For this same purpose, the possibility to transform select field items into pseudo-categories was added for the website's frontend.

Highly customizable with custom form builder

RSDirectory! was designed in such manner so that users will have complete freedom in personalizing the way entries are being added and displayed in the frontend. Different categories will, most likely, require gathering different information on the related entries. We have found that the most natural way to implement this is to associate each category with its own, custom form.

You will have full control over displaying entry pages in the frontend, as the details layout can be customized, per form, through the use of HTML code and placeholders.

Another feature that adds up to the component's flexibility is the possibility to personalize emails that will be triggered when certain actions will be performed upon entries. You can find more information on RSDirectory! emails in our documentation.

Advanced filtering

The concept of web directory implies a large number of entries, frequently of multiple types. Having this into consideration, powerful filtering capabilities need to be available in order for fontend users to easily find what they are looking for. This kind of functionality is being set up, per form field, in the backend, and employed in the fronted through the Simple and advanced Filtering modules.

Fully responsive frontend layout

The days when the web's availability was limited to only PC's are a thing of the past. Modern websites require that they can be viewed on PC's, tablets and smart phones alike. A great response for this need came in the form of Twitter Bootstrap, a framework which basically allows the website's frontend to be automatically adjusted to the device's display resolution. RSDirectory! includes this type of layout by default, so your users will be able to make use of your directory regardless of the platform they are accessing it from.


You can allow your users to post entries for free, or you can charge them for this, the choice is yours. If you do wish to put a price tag on adding entries, RSDirectory! is prepared to meet your needs, as there are 4 payment integrations available: with PayPal, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout and Offline payments.

The actual implementation is done through the use of credit packages that can be purchased in the frontend and setting up a credit cost for each field that is completed upon entry submission.

RSDirectory! Payments

Presentation and first-hand test

We have put together some presentation videos for you to have a better look at what can be done with the component:

Frontend presentation

Backend presentation

Also, you can test the full capabilities of the extension on the dedicated demo website.

Release discount

To celebrate the launch of this brand-new Joomla! extension, we are offering it with a discount. Get it while this limited time offer is still available!


Although we have done our best in including every feature that we thought you might need, there's always room for improvement. Your opinion has always played an important part in perfecting our components, please submit your suggestions in our feedback section.

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Alexandru Plapana - 28.07.2014 (02:19:22)


Have you tried checking out the RSDirectory! demo to see if it fits your needs ?


claudio - 26.07.2014 (09:52:44)
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Alexandru Plapana - 04.04.2014 (04:29:54)

A demo link is posted within the article:



Annuaire France - 04.04.2014 (03:46:17)

This component seems interesting and visually well designed.
Is it possible to have a demo online ? Not a movie but the possibility to try this online.


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